Welsh Springers

Critique for Welsh Springer Spaniels Judge Tina Smith

PUPPY (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1ST: REVILL & TAYLOR’S Julita Rhubette. Feminine bitch, pleasing expression, good neck and well laid back shoulders. Very balanced on the move which won her the class. (BPIB)
2nd: TAYLER’S Julita Rhyne. Litter brother to 1. Quite a strong head and appeared up to size. Good feet, correct top line. Rather erratic on the move which affected his hind movement somewhat.
YEARLING (1 Entry) Abs: 0
1st: FERGUSON’S Taihang Scherezade at Teaselwood. Out of a finer and slightly longer mould, good feet. Moved OK and kept correct topline round the ring, however would have preferred a little bit more drive.
POST GRADUATE (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: PICK’S Llon Blodyn Ymenyn. What a lovely girl and no doubt she is a Welsh Springer Spaniel. Lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulders and correct angulation front and rear. Pleasing topline. Very powerful mover, also her movement is true going away and coming back (BOB).
2nd: RIDGE’S Stagarth Now I’m here at Saanu. Close up to 1. Pleasing head of good proportions, lovely expression. Good neck and should and correct topline. Straight mover. Plenty of drive around the ring and good tail carriage
OPEN (3 entries) Abs: 0
1ST: STONE’S Stedigan All In Good Time For Merrem. Lovely male head without being overdone and course. Well off for bone. Correctly angulated behind and in front. Excellent feet. Happy and positive mover with plenty of drive. Turned out immaculately. (RBOB & BOS)
2nd. TAYLOR & REVILL’S Julita Rockahlua. Pleasing feminine head with a lovely expression. Correct front and rear angulation and topline. Good neck and shoulders. Active merry mover.