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Thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge the Utility Group at their first Premier Open Show, and for giving me rings of good size. Thanks also to the exhibitors for entering and accepting my decisions in a sporting manner, and to my steward Sam who kept the rings running smoothly.
This show always has a lovely atmosphere and I had a lovely day with some super dogs to go over, plus the weather was sunny with a fresh breeze which kept us all cool.
AVNSC Utility Veteran(11,5)
1. Chessell’s ARAKI AREU READY FOR THIS AT STYLAXIAN ShCM ShCEx VW. Tibetan terrier – Immediately caught the eye on entering the ring. Quite stunning. Gorgeous colour and shading of lustrous coat, she was of superbly balanced construction, well-furnished head held head proudly on strong neck, level top line retained on the move, beautiful plume of a tail carried high over the back, good angulation front and rear, nicely furnished feet, well-muscled under that striking coat, moved true out and back, her effortless movement enabled her to simply flow around the ring. Wonderful to watch such a consummate showgirl. Best AVNSC Utility Veteran, Group 3 and delighted that she was awarded Best Veteran In Show. Very well deserved.
2. Bevis’s CH SOUSKA EMPTY ROOM AT STARLANCE JW ShCM. Tibetan Spaniel – Beautiful head of the correct shape, ample cushioning, beautiful dark eye, good placement and shape of nicely feathered ears, beautiful furnishing, long back, good angulation front and rear, he was excellent on the move, absolutely correct in every way without being overdone.
3. Bishop & Evans NUJAX SHOOL OF ROCK ShCM. Miniature Schnauzer.
AVNSC Utility
J (3,1)
1. Johnson & Borisov’s EIKO GO DARUMA KENSHA )Imp ITA) NAF TAF. Japanese Akita Inu – A young bitch just six months old, beautiful expression, dark eyes, correct eye markings, black line around the mouth, black nose, excellent front, tight feet, good top line, correct ear carriage, correct tail, nice colouring throughout, moved well for one so young, should have a bright future. BP.
2. Daugnoraite’s KUROI KITSUNE GO HAJIMARI NAF Japanese Akita Inu – A one year old in good condition, rangier than 1, salt and pepper coat, good mouth, level top line, good front, good expression, excellent ear carriage, good tail set, excellent feet.
PG (1)
1. West’s FANDAL’S JOI ROKKAFELIR. Schipperke – Beautiful young boy just 18 months old, intelligent expression, well-set ears enhancing correct head shape, good muzzle and bite, good fore-quarters, tight paws, level top line and good tail carriage, harsh coat, nicely feathered in rear, on his own today but what we lack in quantity we gain in quality. Moved really well, absolutely true out and back. RBOB
O (2,3) Strong class
1. Cheatham’s CH SCHIPDALE A KIND OF MAGIC. Schipperke – I believe I once gave this boy Best Puppy in Show, now matured into fabulous 3 ½ year old, compact in build, stood square on the tip of his toes with intelligent dark eyes alertly fixed on handler, correct head shape with foxy expression complimented by well-placed ears of the correct shape, face well filled under eyes, strong neck furnished with dense harsh ruff set cleanly onto muscular shoulders, excellent front angulation, straight legs set well under the body, well-ribbed chest, brisket in line with elbows, short strong back to rounded rump and tightly curled tail, rear legs strong and muscular, hocks well let down, spoon feet small and tight. A dog built this well should move well and he did not disappoint. BOB, G1, and short-listed for BIS.
2. Bull & Warren’s ZARALEE I’M STILL STANDING AT STARFERRY (IMP IR) Shar PeiA 3 year old Shar-pei with excellent head and expression, good mouth with correct characteristics, rosebud ears well set on, attentive to handler but he appeared a little distracted today by the very noisy environment outside the ring, good harsh coat, moderate angulation front and rear, back strong, good tail set and carriage, just the right amount of wrinkle for me, moved very well when settled.
Boston Terrier
P (1)
1. Hamlin’s DEVOTOBLAZE HOPE’S MIRACLE Beautiful Brindle 10 month puppy with lovely markings, excellent head and ear-set, good nose, intelligent expression, correct eye shape, good front, tight feet, moved well. One to watch. BP and PG4
Y (2)
1. Cox’s BOSTONTIME SILVER LADY – Young bitch with lovely markings, excellent square head with correctly placed dark eyes, ears of correct shape and position, strong neck flowing into good shoulders flat top line and nice tail-set, good angulation front and rear, ribs well rounded, tight feet. RBOB
2. Hughes’s DELAWS ARTISIC DREAMS ­– slightly longer in back then one, intelligent expression, square head, good ear placement, tight feet, preferred the balance of 1. today.
PG (6,1)
1. Cox’s BOSTONTIME SILVER LADY. As 1. in previous class.
2. Kemeny’s APRICA DAVY CROCKETT – A beautiful 2 year old with excellent head, good ear shape and carriage, very good muzzle, white markings on front, carried across the head, and on the feet, good top-line and tail set. A handsome boy who moved well.
O (4)
1. Sandells’ SHAWMUT THE TRAILBLAZER – Lovely 19 month old Boston dog with excellent markings, balanced and compact with first-rate silhouette, good square head with flat scull, broad deep and square muzzle with close flews and excellent black nose with well-defined line between, correct ear placement framing dark eyes that are sparkling and expressive, gently arched neck set on well angulated shoulders, elbows to brisket with legs turning neither in nor out, good spring of rib carried back to short loin, rear quarters firm, low set hocks. Moved very well. BOB
2. Gill’s SHAWMUT I AM LADY LIBERTY AT SIMBERFOUR JW – Beautiful 4 ½ year old bitch, an elegant lady whose head is in proportion to her body, nice square head, intelligent expression totally focused on her handler, good confirmation with excellent top line and tail set, 4 square in the stand, good angulation front and rear, tight feet, moved well.
Lhasa Apso
PG (2)
1. Gillman’s AINTSHE PERMISSION TO FLY FROM MYTILENE Very well presented 13 month dog, striking black and white coat in excellent condition, very nice head shape with good nose, muzzle and jaw line, elegant neck into strong shoulder and level top line, excellent tail carriage, good angulation front and rear, well-muscled for one so young, moved well. RBOB
2. Birkett’s LITTONDALE ESTELLE – Young puppy bitch with intelligent expression, lovely shape of head, nice carriage, good bite, good angulation front and rear, level top-line, still in puppy coat but already displaying a beautiful plume of a tail across her back, busting with enthusiasm and eager to please her handler, I’m sure she will have a bright future. BP
O (2)
1. Birkett’s SIFRASONS TAKE IT EASY – Stunning young dog presented in immaculate condition, 18 months old so coat still has yet to reach full length, intelligent expression in his dark eyes he carried himself proudly and so he should being of such a balanced construction. Everything flowed from correct head shape, set on strong neck into well laid shoulders and long flat back through to a well carried plume of tail. Deceptively muscular under the coat his angulation was superb with elbows tight, well-furnished fore-legs strong and round, well-padded feet, loin strong. I hoped his movement would not let him down and it did not. Lovely to watch him glide effortlessly around the ring. BOB
2. Gillman’s BELLELLEN MAGIC MIKE WITH MYTILENE JW – Visually a lovely example of the breed, well presented in beautiful coat, nice head, good expression. When I put my hands on I found that his muscle tone did not quite match that of 1. today. Moved well.
Miniature Schnauzer
O (2/1)
1. Bishop’s NUJAX STORM WARNING – Attractive young bitch, stood in a perfect stand. Lovely in silhouette with a top-line flowing on from the beautiful head carried on slightly arched neck set on strong shoulders, well defined withers to strong back and correct tail set, continuing to powerful rear legs which have good furnishings and low hocks, the curve of the upper thigh matching the curve of the neck. Quite stunning. Well presented with the classic cut with lovely eyebrows, moustache and chin whiskers plus beautiful feathering on the legs, good face with alert expression to her dark eyes. Excellent angulation front and rear, well laid shoulders, elbows tight to body, straight strong bone to tight feet with black nails. Moved a dream. Surely she must have a bright future. BOB
Shih Tzu
P (5,1)
1. Salt’s KEOLA CRUZ CONTROL – Well constructed 11 month old male puppy in beautiful coat with attractive markings, lovely chrysanthemum face with gorgeous eyes, strong bone, good lay of shoulder and well-muscled beneath the coat, level top-line, lovely plume of a tail carried high over the back, moved well. BP
2. Willett’s DEBEAUX MACKESON – Young 9 month old black and white puppy, distinctive markings, even a white tip to his plume of a tail, full of pizazz today, stands well when asked, showing a beautiful head with lovely eyes of nice shape and colour, good shoulders, level top-line, movement was good, a lively boy full of character, definitely one to watch.
Y (7,2)
1. Willett’s DEBEAUX ENCORE – Attractive young bitch in excellent coat, shock of beautiful hair on the head and lustrous dark eyes combine to give an appealing expression, good shoulders, level top-line, lovely tail carried high over the back to complete the picture, moved very well
2. Keree-Bartolo’s SHIRKEIRA TABITHA – Well presented, young bitch of similar colour to 1. but coat not quite so profuse, impressive in the stand, well-constructed, excellent front with good lay to strong shoulders, level top line, nice tail, well-muscled under the coat, moved well.
PG (4,1)
1. Salt’s KEOLA TAILOR MAIDE – A Striking 3 ½ year old bitch, well presented in excellent coat, attractively marked in black and white, coat long and dense with a gorgeous plume of a tail carried high before flowing over her back, good head, beautiful chrysanthemum face, dark expressive eyes, level topline, good angulation front and rear, ribbed well back, plenty of strong bone and muscle under that flowing coat. Moved very well with good reach and strong rear action showing full pad. Delighted to award her BOB and G4
2. Green’s AISENAY PIPPER CALLS THE TUNE – In contrast to 1. 2. is just over 12 months old and yet to come into full coat but she is oozing with personality, of good construction with an excellent front, strong shoulders and very well-muscled for one so young, fabulous on the move she glided around the ring with style and panache, she should have a bright future. One to watch.
O (3)
1. Beer & Tilley’s MIRACEY SAND WARRIOR FOR TILBE– Charming 3 year old dog resplendent in full dark gold and white coat, he was full of personality arrogantly looking round as though he owned the ring, beautiful eyes set in chrysanthemum face with excellent muzzle and nose giving him such a masculine expression, well-constructed with strong shoulders, level top line and high tail he moved particularly well with drive from the rear and a purposeful action. RBOB
2. Galliford’s sassyshi LUBBOCK TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT – Young puppy 7 ½ months old, full of promise nice face, good nose, good nostrils, excellent eye, very good shoulder placement, nice top line, correct tail-set, excellent in her stand, full of energy on the move. One to watch.
Tibetan Spaniel
PG (2,2)
1. Whitehead’s COCO CHANEL OF RHUBISK – A well-presented youngster only 20 months old but she already has lovely coat showing a good mane, ears and back of forelegs are nicely feathered, beautiful tail laid over her back, loved the feathering on and past her feet, nice skull, good set to her ears, nicely cushioned muzzle, excellent nose and good depth of chin, correct eye shape and colour, bright eyes are alert and intelligent, superb construction with excellent angulation front and rear leading to correct feet placement. Moved very well. Should have an excellent future.
2. Hall’s BALGAY SHAB TRA – Honest dog with pleasing expression, good scull shape and ear-set, plenty of cushioning on muzzle, good bite but tended to show me his teeth when stood, his coat was beautiful with lovely shading, well-furnished on mane and buttocks including a fabulous plume of a tail carried high over his back.
O (4,1)
1. Bevis’s SKYVANA EMPTY DREAMS OF STARLANCE – A beautiful 2 year old dog that has everything I would be looking for in a Tibetan Spaniel, a beautifully marked head of correct shape, intelligent dark eyes of very good shape and set, framed by well positioned and nicely feathered ears, dark nose and muzzle with just the right amount of cushioning, chin showing good depth and width. In excellent coat with beautiful mane, well feathered limbs and feet, the tail carried in a gorgeous plume over her back. Sturdy and well-muscled with well angulated shoulders, tight elbows, level top-line, ribbed well back, good hindquarters. A dog built like this should move well, and his movement was quick and true, reaching forward with balanced stride and a confident air. At one with handler. Pleased to award him BOB
2. Davey & Vine’s RHUBISK GOING FOR GOLD WITH SAMAR – A veteran dog 8 years old, good silhouette in the stand, good muzzle showing a little grey now, dark intelligent eyes, nice markings, lovely tail, carrying just a little weight as you would expect in an 8 year old, still moves very well though with an assertive stride. An accomplished showman. RBOB
Tibetan Terrier
J (2,2)
1. Dyer’s TASICA ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS – A puppy bitch who’s name says it all. She has lots of potential being of good make and shape, square in outline with excellent head, dark inquisitive eyes, good muzzle and bite, strong neck, level topline, tail set well-on, deep chest ribbed well back, elbows in line with brisket, good front and rear angulation, coat is delightfully marked with a white blaze over the forehead, white round feet, even a white tip to the tail, movement a little loose at rear but that should firm up as she matures. RBOB & BP
PG (1,1)
O (2,1)
Utility Group
G1 Cheatham’s CH SCHIPDALE A KIND OF MAGIC. Schipperke
G2 Mathews and Lee’s WINKLESTAR AURORA AT VALINDALE. Keeshond – Lovely 14 month old bitch, splendid in the stand, compact and square in outline, self-assured with head held proud over dense ruff, level top-line, well-furnished tail curled tightly over short back, lovely feathering to back of limbs and distinctive shading to grey and black coat. Well-proportioned head of correct shape with well-placed ivy shaped ears, dark eyes alert, clearly defined spectacles, muzzle dark with perfect bite, good neck set on well angulated shoulders, good chest with rounded spring of rib carried well back in compact body, elbows tight and in line with brisket, cat feet, black nails, moderate angulation in rear with hocks well let down, slight inclination to rear pasterns when viewed from the side but straight when viewed from the rear, movement brisk and precise, true out and back, moved at just the right speed by the handler. Still very young, I’m sure she has an exceptional career ahead.
G4 1. Salt’s KEOLA TAILOR MAIDE. Shih Tzu
Utility Puppy Group
PG1 Kong’s VOLGARUS FOR EXMAS DAU AT WHIPCORD. Poodle (Miniature) – Well-presented miniature poodle puppy of balanced construction, coat in good trim, head of good shape and proportion, his foreface finely chiselled, eyes sparkling and alert, good lay of shoulder under the coat, chest deep, elbows tight, nice tuck-up, excellent rear angulation with stifle well bent and hock well let down, tight feet with dark nails, movement was spot-on.
PG2 Ferry’s FERRYBELLE’S TAKE COVER. Japanese Spitz – I liked this puppy bitch, her profuse white coat was immaculate, well balanced head was in proportion, well set ears, darkest of eye, classic black rims to eyes and mouth, sufficient neck, into moderate lay of shoulder, nice tuck-up, firm loins, high set tail, movement was nimble and true, everything in balance with nothing overdone. Alert and attentive to handler. Pleased to award her PG2
Best Reserve Best Of Breed Utility
1. Cole’s POMPOM BLAINE Poodle (Standard) – Elegant 14 month Poodle that demanded not to be overlooked, well presented in a faultless stand, beautifully balanced outline, strong face with good chiselling, bright and alert with a very intelligent expression in his almond shaped eyes, clean close fitting lips on a good muzzle, good nose, excellent angulation front and rear, really tight feet with dark nails, the crowning point was his movement, he powered round the ring with good reach and plenty of drive, totally at one with handler. Lovely to watch him on the move.
2. Hartfield’s WARSON HUGGY BEAR, French Bulldog – A fabulous young fellow, lovely broad head with good placement of bat ears, plenty of cushioning on a muzzle of good breadth and depth, excellent nose with wide nostrils and a well-defined line between, powerful neck set into broad shoulders, compact body with broad brisket and ribs well rounded, short muscular loin, good tail set. Moved well with a free gait.
The Keith Wright Memorial A. V. Puppy Stakes.
1. Bartlett’s CWNHAPUS CELESTIAL BEAUTY. Border Collie – Lovely puppy bitch, blackest of coats decorated with attractive white markings, intelligent expression in bright eyes, good ear carriage. Excellent conformation with good bone, front and rear angulation, top-line and tail-set, very attentive to handler, athletic on the move, showing unhurried speed and stealth with minimum lift of feet, gave the impression that she could run all day.
2. Smith’s THEAPAUL ENCHANTING GAZE.French Bull Dog – Delightful young boy with excellent head with beautiful expression and eyes, well set-on ears, full of personality he moved with much panache for one so young. Should have a bright future.
3. Kirkwood’s SCHNAUBERN DRACO STAR. Hungarian Pumi
The Di Miles Memorial A.V. Yearling Stakes
1. Tysterman’s CARODAL JACOBS LADDER. Dalmatian – Sweet Dalmatian bitch, just over 12 months old, evenly decorated with liver spots of just the right colour, lovely in the stand showing good silhouette, excellent head and face, gentle expression in amber eyes framed by nicely spotted ears set well on, elegant neckline flowing to defined withers, level topline and good tail-set, elbows to brisket, straight bone to slightly spung pasterns, nice tuck-up, good rear angulation, moved well, true out and back.
2. Rogers’ LUNAFOX GELTLE TOUCH. Fox Terrier (Smooth) – Well-made 16 month old bitch, excellent head with flat scull, nicely chiselled face, strong muzzle, black nose, bright inquisitive expression in dark eyes, small well-set ears dropping forward close to cheek, good top-line to excellent tail carried vertically and well set on, good forequarters with strong straight bone to tight feet, ribs carried well back, good rear angulation with hocks well let down, loved her markings and that she was always on the tips of her toes waiting for the off, excellent movement, brisk and true with plenty of drive from the rear.
3dr Edlin’s GRAYGEES TSARINE. German shorthaired Pointer
John Moate