Society Trophies


Open Show Trophies for Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show & Reserve Best Puppy in Show are awarded at the Open Show in September each year. They are not available for the exhibitor to hold. All other trophies can be held for a year subject to certain conditions.

Limited Show Trophies can be held for one year.



De Trafford Salver Best in Show
Vulcan Cup Reserve Best in Show
Jubilee Cup Best Puppy in Show
Douglas Bruford Cup Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Domewood Cup BOB Basenji
Croft Signs Trophy BOB Whippet
Adurni Cup BOB American Cocker Spaniel
Banshiel Taras Shadow BP American Cocker Spaniel
Morrieland Cup BOB Flatcoated Retriever
Wydesign Trophy BP Flatcoated Retriever
Kimgilee Trophy BOB Gordon Setter
Willow Memorial Trophy BP Gordon Setter
Westcott Shield BOB Labrador Retriever
Gwymarren Cup BOB Welsh Springer Spaniel
Deovolante Cup BOB Dalmatian
Karbull Trophy BOB French Bulldog
Penburton Trophy BP French Bulldog
Norlingbourne Cup BOB Miniature Poodle
Hugo Shield BOB Bernese Mountain Dog
Thompson Shield BOB Siberian Husky
Rodell Cup BOB Bearded Collie
Mikadene Cup BOB G.S.D.
Lexville Trophy BP G.S.D.
George Asher Memorial Cup BOB Pembroke Corgi
Deacham Cup BOB Rough Collie
Davidson Shield BP Rough Collie
Uphurst Cup BOB Shetland Sheepdog
Mahendi Trophy BOB Bichon Frise
Mahendi Trophy Best Junior Bichon Frise
Mahendi Trophy BP Bichon Frise
Cantrip Fantasia Shield BOB C.K.C.S.
Avil Cup BP C.K.C.S.
Davitt Cup BOB Griffon Bruxellois
Gramacs Trophy BOB Japanese Chin
Palmosa Cup BOB Pomeranian
El Chica Challenge Trophy Junior Handling 6 – 11 years
Banshiel Just by Chance Junior Handling 12 –16 years
Bob Ives Tankard Winner of the Bob Ives Memorial Stakes
The Autumn Trophy Winner of AV Brace


The Vulcan Cup Best in Show
Camberlot Trophy Best Puppy in Show


Cup Steward: Mr David Walker