Shelties,Polish Lowland,Samoyed,AV Minor Puppy, AV Puppy, AV Special Beginners, AV Brace

Critique Shelties, Polish, Samoyed, AV’s – Judge Karen Angier
Eastbourne and Dist. 24th June 2018
Judge Karen Angier (Bilyara)
Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge at this friendly well run show I really enjoyed the day which was added to by having an excellent steward who kept all classes moving. The lunch was lovely well done to those that did the catering.
Supported by the South East branch of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club.
Thank you for your support

Puppy 1-0
1st – Stockden – Willowgarth Prue Gold – Best Puppy
Well-made and balanced. Lovely head with well-placed almond eyes good pigmentation, well set and used ears adding to his alert expression. Good parallel planes. Good length of arched neck. Good feet and bone, straight front. Lovely shape with ribs and depth of chest good for age. Nice slope on croup well carried tail. Moved with drive and nice side gait

Junior – 7- 1 repeat – 1 absent
1st – Stockden – Willowgarth Prue Gold
2nd – Winfield – Carolelen Classic Star by Oakcroft
Nice size and balance. Sweet expression with dark almond eyes, well used and placed ears. Good length on neck leading into a balanced body. Lovely side gait but not so steady coming.
3rd – Wynn – Malaroc Crafty Copper
Novice – 2 repeat entries
1st – Wynn – Malaroc Crafty Copper
Very handsome boy with expressive almond eyes, ears well placed though reluctant to use. Nice pigmentation. Good reach of neck. Nice shape and well presented. Moved better in this class

2nd – Weller – Sheltiebay TomTom towards Evad
Sweet expression, good almond eyes and expressive, well placed ears . Enough under jaw. Good neck and shoulders. Nice top line. Not giving his best on the move today which cost him in the previous class
Grad – 5-1
1st – Trueman – Carolelen Chorus Line – R,B.O.B
Very pretty girl with a melting expression, Correct set almond eyes, small well placed and used ears. Clean wedged shape head. Good neck and overall shape. Oval feet. Good croup and tail set. Neat hocks. Moved smooth with drive.

2nd –Whittington – Easterbon Three Kisses For Thighness
Pretty head and expressive almond eyes, well placed and used ears, good outline of head. Correct reach and arch of neck. Neat oval feet. Slight slope of croup. Although moved well 1st just had the edge on movement

3rd – Bussey – Kelgrove Kinda Black Magic

Post Grad – 1 – 1 repeat
1st – Trueman – Carolelen Chorus Line – as above
2nd – Woodward – Sanscott Admiral Blue at Glenthistle
Blue Merle dog with an excellent coat, masculine head but not course, well used ears, almond expressive eyes, nice length of neck and angulations. Good stifle. Moved well . Another with a lovely temperament. In good condition

Limit – 3-1
1st –Laversuch – Pacarane Polly Flinders JW
6 year old in excellent condition. Lovely expression, good head with almond well placed eyes, neat well used ears, good length of arched neck. Liked her overall shape, slight slope of croup. Good feet.

2nd – Dunn – Neraklee Chardonnayat Shelleary
3year old with lovely expression , Nice head with almond dark eyes, well placed and used ears, enough neck with arch and adequate angulation. Neat feet and slight slope of croup . Moved well

Open Dog – 0
Open Bitch – 2-1
1st – Weller – Dukeson Chasin’stars over Evad – B.O.B
Very pretty girl with lovely expression. Balanced head with good planes. Well placed neat ears which she used to her advantage. Elegant arched neck leading into good shoulders, good depth of chest and sprung ribs. Straight front and good bone Blanced though out level topline which she carried on the move. Movement smooth with drive. Though not in her best clothes did not detract from her overall quality
Veteran – 5-2
1st – Weller – Evad Sommer Surpise JW Best Veteran
Lovely clean head and expression, flat skull almond well set eyes. Ears well placed and used. Muscular arched neck. Level back , gradual slope of croup. Well set and carried tail. Straight front neat feet. In good condition and well-muscled

2nd –Stormyisles Sound of Music for Pacarane
Lovely expression though eyes rather full, head of good proportions, neat ears which she used well. Good top line and tail carried well. Moved steady

3rd – Whittington – Tip the Wink
Post Grad – 1-0
1st – Fionda – Derochas Piccolina – B.O.B
Lovely head strong muzzle, medium oval eyes . Pigmentation good. Well set ears. Medium length of neck, accentuated withers. Nice shape and moved well . Good feet
Post Grad – 3-1
1st – Willcock – Dynar First Love – Best Puppy and B.O.B
Completely taken with this lovely pretty puppy so confident. Very striking and well balanced. Head good wedge shape, good pigmentation, almond expressive eyes, well placed ears. Strong arched neck. Good shoulders and lovey straight front. Very confident and happy on the move

2nd – Willcock – Noble Knight Boschi con Dynar (Imp Ita)
As handsome as his kennel mate was pretty with so much to like about him, Not in the best of coat today. Good broad skull, medium muzzle, almond eyes, well placed and used ears, strong neck and lovely body shape. Well-muscled. Not as settled on the move as above
Open 3-2
1st – Willcock – Blossomrain Moonlight Song of Dynar – R.B.O.B
Dam of the BP and has certainly passed on her lovely outline. Lovely head good pigmentation, almond expressive eyes. Neat well placed and used ears. Straight front. Good depth of chest strong loin. Well-muscled. Strong neck. Moved well and in lovely condition. But had to give way to her daughter today

A.V. MINOR PUPPY – 22 – 12
1ST – Simpson – Simberger Festive Spice – Leonberger
This young girl headed a class of excellent puppies with her lovely shape and steady movement. Lovely expression good pigmentation, oval eyes, pendant ears. Well set mask. Shapely neck. Good bone and front. Very assured.

2nd – Dunsdon – Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring – English Springer Spaniel
Good head well chiselled, lovely expression, medium almond expressive eyes, ears of good length. Well-muscled. Moved well
3rd – Hutton-Baber – Brynceri Once in a Blue Moon – Cocker Spaniel
A.V. PUPPY 15 – 8
1st – Bypher Bombay Sapphire – Pointer
Stunning baby with well-proportioned head for age, lovely expression, well set ears close to head. Good length of neck leading into a lovely well shaped body, good topline which she held on the move. So very steady. Oval feet. Presenting a lovely picture and handled so well

2nd – Eastham -Keira Kalon – Visla
Noble looking girl without losing any femininity, good length of neck. Lovely body shape and well-muscled thought-out. Round feet. Good bone and straight front.
3rd – Newsons – Tivalake Let’s Misbehave – Nova Scotia DT
1st – Clifford -Serci After Dark at Shadow Amor of Alsutu – Cocker Spaniel
Well presented and in lovely condition. Nice muzzle, clean head. Expressive eyes. Compact and ribs well sprung. Good firm feet. Level topline and slight slope of croup Moved with drive

2nd – Woods – Nasabe Boogie Woogie Jump – ETT
Was certainty alert, well balanced almond eyes. Compact body. Straight front. Lovely movement when settled and expertly handled .
3rd –Tubb -Slapestones Tidel Wave for Alsutu – Welsh Springer
A.V. BRACE – 18 – 4
I really enjoyed judging this class, with so many well matched braces. The Vislas moved completely in unison, and so well matched in great condition well-muscled; at times you would have thought there was only one dog, with the beautiful Whippets taking the 2nd place moving light and again in lovely condition. Thank you all for your lovely entry
1st – Sutherlands – Hungarian Vislas
2nd – Meads – Whippets
3rd – Jansons – Deerhounds