Premier Open Show June 26th 2022 Results

Sunday 26th June 2022
Judge : Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann
Post Graduate (2)(1 abs)
1st. Boggia’s Boughton Birrong. 18 mths red/white bitch femme long skull, small fine rose ears, eyes are oval with sweet expression, complete scissor bite, strong and elegant with a deep chest, liked her well let down hocks, she moved well when settled. Reserve Best of Breed.
Open (1)
1st. Boggia’s Whirlaway All Fired Up at Boughton (Imp Aust). 18 mths rich red dog, well balanced with rose ears, expressive oval eye has attractive black pigments, long skull, complete scissor bite, loved his deep chest and slight arch of loin giving him breedy outline, just losing his widow’s peak and looks really splendid on the move covering ground well. Best of Breed.
Post Graduate (1)
1st. Sampson’s Morialta Sesmarias. 2 yrs, sweet faced femme adorable girl with oblique set dark eye. Small sturdy well balanced, correctly she is slightly longer than high with a rich fawn bristly wire coat, well marked with white collar, loved her body shape and tail, happy to show, could have taken her home. Best of Breed.
Open (1)
1st. Sampson & Brooks’ Morialta Ferreira. 5 yrs rough coated rich fawn, lovely boy with masculine bright oblique set eye, breedy well balanced body shape, just a tad slim so missed out in the challenge, but still plenty to like here. Reserve Best of Breed.
Post Graduate (5) (1 abs)
1st. Green’s Lindcoly Mariah With Aizenay. 2 yrs flashy dark grey/brindle femme bitch has broad skull and wide apart sweet eyes, well set on neck leads to well sloped shoulder, complete scissor bite, lovely typey size not big or small she’s just right, well balanced and showing herself off, lovely Cairn feet are larger in front than behind which I so enjoy, movement is positive and true. Reserve best of Breed.
2nd. Goldfinch’s Kanawha Never Say Never. 18 mths wheaten girl with lovely small ears, intelligent alert eye, plenty of head coat, plenty to like, moving well but was out shown by 1.
3rd. Morley’s Kanawha Spy Man.
Open (2) (1 abs)
1st. Goldfinch’s Tycadno Bright Star for Kanawha. 5 yrs mature red/wheaten bitch with attractive head having black face and black feet, with plenty of black points, striking girl. She is a lovely example as is well balanced, a correct size being neither too big or small, has a strong frame with deep rib, femme foreface in proportionate head, complete scissor bite, retains her level top line on the move, is sound and true each way. Best of Breed.
Junior (3) (abs 1)
1st. Fry’s Mishahda Pearls A Singer. 16 mths well presented rich mustard with striking white head, she has a classic shape with proportionate large head, dark femme expressive large round eye, lovely pendant low set ear, strong regular scissor bite, loved her long flexi body containing good spring of rib, superb round feet, a free mover and true each way. Keen to show herself off has bags of character. Best of Breed.
2nd. Kenyon’s Ceilmear Close Encounter. 16 mths dog rich mustard and white, a fun guy who gave 1 a run for her money, plenty to like including his mischievous dark round eye and strong long body. She just had the edge on him today, places may change in future. Reserve Best of Breed.
Post Graduate (1)
1st. Kenyon’s Ceilmear Close Encounter. 2nd in PG.
Junior (1)
1st. Kettle’s Foxindean Radio Ga Ga. 13 mths striking black/tan/white girl with tan dimples, shapely alert dark small eye and small v shaped ear, deep chest and short strong back, moving smartly fore and aft. She was just a baby in the challenge today but I liked her a lot.
Post Graduate (1)
1st. Rogers’ Lunafox Gentle Touch. 16 mths rich tan/white flassy femme playful with dark rounded mischievous eye, complete scissor bite, well bodied, short backed and showing well when settled, movement positive and true. Reserve Best of Breed.
Open (2)
1st. Rogers’ Only You Du Manoir Saint Adrien at Lunafox (IMP FRA). 4 years quality black/white femme expressive moderate narrow skull, eyes are dark with alert look, full of good humor and watchful of her owner she’s happy to show off, she has desired small v shape ears and strong jaws contain complete scissor bite, liked her long shoulder that was well laid back, desirable straight legs, deep chest all culminating in a breedy outline, movement is brisk true and free each way. Best of Breed.
2nd Kettle’s Foxindean Future Legent. 3.5 yrs, rich tan/white girl liked her shapely outline complimented by clean neck and short back, happy to move and show off to the audience.
Post Graduate (2) (1 abs)
1st. Nayir’s Nizu’s Taichi. 2.5 yrs brilliant red dog with blended white markings over eyes and cheeks, head is desired blunt triangle, skull is broad, a definite stop with desired slight furrow gives breedy shape, small almond oblique set eye is mischievous and he is showing himself off, liked his elbow correctly set close to body and the slight slope of pastern, he has a level topline that is retained on move, lovely high set curled tail, a free and sound mover. Best of Breed.
Open (2) (2 abs).
1st. Butler’s Sondagi Akikazehime. 6.5 yrs bitch. Deep red with white blended markings on head which forms desired blunt triangle, ears are erect, eyes are small and dark having a lovely femme expression, complete scissor bite, a lovely high tail set, a bit out of coat today but this doesn’t detract from her loveliness, moving soundly each way. Reserve Best of Breed.
POODLE (Miniature)
Junior (2) (1 abs).
1st. Kong’s Volgarus for Xmas Day at Whitcord. Stood alone but so bold he doesn’t care. 9 mths brown puppy dog full of himself, keen to move and show with wicked dark twinkling almond shape eye and interested in everything, keeping his handler busy. Strong neck carried high, deep wide chest, good spring of rib, tight small oval feet, a sound free enthusiastic mover. Bags of fun today. Best of Breed & Best Puppy In Breed.
POODLE (Standard)
Junior (2)
1st. Cole’s Pompom Blaine. Impressive black 13 mths wild boy with big well prepared coat, holding himself up on his arched toes he strutted around owning the ring, has dark almond intelligent eye, deep wide chest all proportionate, well bent stifles and well let down hocks, movement is sound and free, plenty of personality making his handler work hard. Reserve Best of Breed.
2nd. Woodward’s Highla Loves to Party at Novatell NAF. 7 mths black sweet and crazy fun puppy girl with dark mischievous twinkling almond eye set in a lovely poodle face, nicely bodied, moving well when settled, really enjoying her day.
Post Graduate (2) (1 abs)
1st. Kirkwood’s Amicamea Midnight Passion. 2.5 yrs well presented elegant and refined silver shaded pretty girl who has long skull with slight peak, tight fitting lips, all in proportion with required deep chest, loved her small oval feet, shes a proper girl who enjoys to show, attentive to her handler and moves soundly with drive each way, she’s just a tad slim but this does not detract from her loveliness.
Open (4)
1st. Bedwell’s Vicmars Smart Fella. 5 yrs lovely quality black boy 5 yrs in an exquisite continental cut, he’s proud and manly, well balanced, long skull has moderate stop and chiselling on foreface, perfect scissor bite, eyes are dark almond shape full of personality and pazazz, carries himself well with good arch of neck and a well laid back shoulder, deep chest and a good spring of rib, muscular thighs sending him around the ring with plenty of reach and drive easily covering the ground. He is devoted to his handler and not shy to show himself off to his full extent. Best of Breed.
2nd. Cole’s Pompom Blaine. 1st in Junior. Reserve Best of Breed & Best Puppy In Breed.
3rd. Kirkwood’s Amicamea Midnight Passion. 1st in PG.
Puppy (3) (1 abs)
1st. Kuech’s Boese Jiggerlardo. 11 mths, striking brindle white dog liked his white blaze and socks, a showy baby with a promising development of head planes having well balanced skull and overall breedy shape, dark eyes full of mischief, nice thin high set ears wide apart, slightly undershot jaw, nice short straight back remained so on the move, he was lively and fun, a sound true mover. Best Puppy In Breed.
2nd. Hawkins’ Boese Bubbalicious at Mellhawk. Lovely red girl 10 mths, sweet ear femme eye, well balanced throughout, I adored her, she was very unlucky to meet 1 today.
Yearling (4) (1 abs)
1st. Weller’s Geenawell Really Fruity. Almost 2 yrs a flashy rich brindle with white blaze and socks, already has a magnificent head which is in proportion with size and shape, broad muzzle, clean skull, has desired creases going down side of nose/muzzle, top of skull has slight arch and nose has a distinct stop, absolutely gorgeous expression in his dark alert eye, ears are high set and wide on skull, jaw is slightly undershot with clean firm dentition, standing square he’s well built and muscular not overdone just right, movement has plenty of reach and drive covering ground well, what a lovely find for me today. Best of Breed.
2nd. Wheeler’s Olibetay Bella Rose at Hipkins. 17 mths brindle white blaxe and socks, sweet femme expressive head, body has breedy shape, she is strong with muscular thighs, moving soundly each way, lovely girl just unlucky to meet 1 today.
3rd. Mitchell’s Geenawell Dark N’Delectable with Diceulon.
Post Graduate (4) (abs 2)
1st. Hawkins’ Mellhawk Madame Mim. 2 yrs flashy red with white blaze and socks, shapely having good breed points with her high set wide part thin ear flaps, dark twinkling alert eye, broad muzzle, strong frame, keen to show and moves covering ground well. Pushing at the RBOB in challenge.
2nd. Wheeler’s Olibetay Bella Rose at Hipkins. 2nd in yearling.
Open (3) (2 abs)
1st. Longley’s Attomic Mirror Man (AI). 4 yrs flashy red/white dog has eye catching white socks, mature head contains broad muzzle, loved the clean skull and contrast of creases from nose to side of muzzle in his mature head, eyes are dark and correctly forward looking, undershot jaw with clean dentition, stands square and has plenty of muscle and bone, was out moved in challenge. Reserve best of Breed.
Classes Sponsored by the Lancashire Heeler Association
Open (1)
1st. Felsted’s Ch Selestar Salix Lutea with Foveaux. Although stood alone she could win anything anywhere. A quality 3 yrs black/tan young lady with bags of personality, loved her almond shape dark femme expressive eye, ears are erect, complete scissor bite, neck is well laid into shoulder with firm elbow, plenty of bone and substance, correctly she is slightly longer than high and has a good spring of rib, loved her small strong feet, carrying her tail high she moves with confidence, freely covering the ground. Best of Breed.
Post Graduate (1)
1st. Russell’s Rusmar Forgive and Forget. Just 9 mths femme girl, good quality with lots of promise, she’s well balanced and has a lovely plume over back, her coat is brilliant white and well presented with a proud head, eyes are dark round with desired haloes, very expressive and sweet, lovely long ears set slightly higher than eye, strong jaws with complete scissor bite, lovely arched neck which broadens to shoulder, a good spring od rib, slightly rounded croup, high tail carried gaily on move, shes sound true and free each way, and enjoys to show herself off, I could not deny her Best of Breed & Best Puppy In Breed. She is going places and totally adored by her handler. Pleased that she won the Toy Puppy Group under judge Claire Mills as I was subsequently delighted to award her BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.
Open (1)
1st. Thomas’ Belstown Harry The Potter. Nearly 4, impressive dog, quality flocked clean white natural coat, skull is wide and flat, lovely large black nose, eyes are large dark and have masculine friendly expression, liked his high set pendant ear, perfect scissor bite, a good lay of shoulder with required slight slope of pastern, a good spring of rib and brisket reaches to elbow, lovely shaped boy, movement is true and free. Best of Breed.
Post Graduate (4) (1 abs)
1st. Dennison’s Ettology Bounteous Barney. 12.5 mths dog, has desired candle flame ears, long narrow head, eyes are dark and almond shape full of character, jaws are strong with complete scissor bite, long neck leads to a straight front and compact body, feer are marked with desired pencilling and thumb prints, he is shapely and has quality. Showing himself off enjoying his day moving soundly with plenty of drive.
2nd. Duran & Stevens’ Ettology Handsome Hank. 12.5 mths dog with lots to like including typical candle flame ears, long skull, dark small almond eye, long neck and compact body, was out shown by 1 who was on fire.
3rd. Harman’s Boimans Call Me Boz.
Open (4) (1 abs)
1st. Forsythe’s Ch Witchstone Raindance Avec Richpin JW. Quality 4 yrs mature dog, head is long narrow flat skull with is wedge shaped, eyes are twinkling black small almond shape and have beautiful oblique setting, strong scissor bite, ears are the desired candle flame, body is well balanced and compact, the topline has desired slight curve from behind shoulder and breedy outline is assisted by a good spring of rib and a well cut up loin, so much to like so many breed points on display coupled with a bright and engaging personality, movement is sound and free each way. Best of Breed, then he was awarded Toy Group 1 under judge Claire Mills and I was subsequently delighted to award him RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.
2nd. Harman’s Witchstone Crazy Horse at Boimans. 3 yrs masculine dog, plenty to like here too with his candle flame ears, strong jaws containing scissor bite, elegant neck and breedy outline, moving soundly each way. Very unlucky to meet 1 today. Reserve Best of Breed.
3rd. Dennison’s Ettology Bounteous Barney.
Classes Sponsored by the Southern Japanese Chin Club
Junior (2)
1st. Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Ashoken Farewell. 10 mths sweet black & white dog showing plenty of promise, liked his moderate large dark wide set eyes with the required surprised look, lovely ear placement set wide high on head coming forwards in v shape, bite is slightly undershot, lovely straight front legs with fine bone, square compact body shape, a desirable hare foot, long soft coat, dainty and moving soundly freely with confidence, just adorable. Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy In Breed. Knocking on door in the challenge.
2nd. Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Buffalow Gal NAF. 10 mths black white femme girl, so sweet enjoying her day, showing nicely for her young handler and moving with aplomb, such a lovely combination. Just unlucky to meet 1 today.
Post Graduate (2)
1st. Good’s Sleepyhollow Ricardo. 3.5 yrs black white dog with plenty of coat, he’s flashy and showing himself off, his head is masculine and appealing with wide set adorable eyes, body stands square, tail is high set, lovely hare feet and confident on the move. Best of Breed.
2nd. Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Show Must Go On. 10 mths black/white dog pup, a dear baby boy who was pushing at 1 hard, he has a lovely correct texture silky soft coat, sturdy frame, high tail, hare feet and a free mover. Hard for him against older more mature dog today.
Open (2) (1 abs)
1st. Good’s Sleepyhollow Ricardo. 1st in PG.
Post Graduate (3)
1st. Davidson-Poston’s Sky Butterfly Elven Cron Prince Spinillons (IMP RUS). 14 mths tri appealing dog with white blaze on skull and flashy big coat, lovely round dark eyes full of fire, strong jaw with complete scissor bite, skull is slightly rounded between ears which are large and mobile with rounded tips, deep chest, straight slim legs, body is correctly longer than high, a good spring of rib, level topline was retained on move, sound each way covering ground well, he has a lovely breedy outline. Best of Breed.
2nd. Woodcock’s Ookiimmimi Quaint and Quirky. She’s nearly 9 mths, flashy red/white sweet faced femme dainty girl with big high set ears, friendly dark rounded eye, body contains a good spring of rib and belly tuck up. Movement is light and free. Best Puppy In Breed.
3rd. Marsden’s Finity Truly Unique.
Open (3)
1st. Davidson-Poston’s Spinillons Rebelling. 2 yrs red/sable pearly white girl, rounded femme dark eye, skull slightly rounded between wide high set ears, finely pointed muzzle, dainty frame is slightly longer than high, ribs are well sprung and elbows close to chest, slight belly tuck up giving breedy outline, movement is free and true. Pushing hard in challenge. Reserve Best of Breed. Winner of the Reserve Best of Breed Stakes held after BIS.
2nd. Lockhart & Farrell’s Chetruda Dark Secret. Nearly 6, black/white daintier dog, has a profuse flashy well kept coat, pointed muzzle, large ears are heavily fringed, eyes rounded and dark, he has a deep little chest, could be slightly longer in body. Moving well each way.
3rd. Marsden’s Finity Blaze of Glory.
My thanks to the Officers and Committee of Eastbourne & District Canine society for the privilege of being invited to judge Best In Show at their prestigious Premier Open Show.
A really lovely selection of dogs and it was hard to make my final cut which included : English Toy Terrier, Schipperke, Whippet & the White Swiss Shepherd Dog.
My choice for Best In Show today was Leadbetter’s White Swiss Shepherd Casta Spell The Winter Souls (IMP ESP). A Powerful male 2.5 yrs has erect ears masculine dark almond shape alert dark brown eye, liked his wedge shape skull almost flat and triangular erect ears, long neck leads to well laid shoulder, has firm pasterns, moderate tuck up giving him a breedy outline, loved his plush sabre tail and oval feet, moving soundly with drive covering the ground well, in the BIS line up he was master of all he surveyed and has a great ring presence. Well presented with his beautiful double white coat took me right back to the Swiss Alps where I have seen these dogs. A real joy to meet him here today.
Reserve Best In Show was Forsythe’s English Toy Terrier Ch Witchstone Raindance Avec Richpin JW. See breed section for critique.
Another gorgeous selection of dogs, again a very hard choice and my final cut included : Beagle, Bichon Frise, Dogue De Bordeaux and the Finnish Lapphund.
My choice for Best Puppy in Show today was Russell’s Bichon Frise Rusmar Forgive And Forget. See breed section for critique.
Reserve Best Puppy In Show was Goodman’s Dog De Bordeaux Bourgeoisie Raise The Roof at Henchbull. 10 mths impressive deep fawn dog with a large broad head having pronounced stop and slight wrinkles on each side, fab oval eyes are small and dark full of mischief, ears correctly fall forward on side of head set high, jaw is strong and slightly undershot with clean dentition, broad strong neck, broad deep chest, broad back, broad loin, just everything about this well build substantial boy is spot on point, he is a fluid free and sound mover covering the ground well and making his handler work hard. I could tell he is much loved. Bright future predicted for him.
More hard decisions to make and my short list included : Canadian Eskimo Dog, German Shepherd Dog, Pug and the Tibetan Terrier.
My choice for Best Veteran in Show was Chessell’s Tibetan Terrier Araki Areu Ready for This At Stylaxian ShCM ShCEx VW. A strudy 8.5 yrs bright red/white party colour lady who has a resolute expression, beautiful large round dark eye, hairy pendant ears, clean dentition, a well laid shoulder leads to straight legs, she has a compact frame and stands square, well ribbed, nice short loin and slight underbelly arch, low set hocks, level topline was retained on the move, shes glamourous and has a well presented coat, loved to see her strut around the ring creating a breeze, sound each way. Plenty of personality here.
Reserve Best Veteran In Show was Nolcini’s German Shepherd Dog Ch Broadmaynes Eclipse to Nolmacdon JW ShCM ShCEx VW. 8.5 yrs eyecatching powerful dog has a well presented clean black/tan coat with black saddle, skull is proportionate with desirable slight dome on forehead, and wedge shape muzzle, almond shape eye dark brown with mischievous alert expression, beautiful powerful frame solid with plenty of muscle and bone, loved his rounded feet and sound driving movement.
From the Reserve Best of Breed Winners I selected as my finalist Davidson-Poston’s Papillon Spinillions Rebelling. See breed section for critique.
The runner up was Burrage’s Cesky Terrier Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova. Sweet girl almost 6, eyecatching well kept grey/blue coat, long skull is slightly arched, eyes are dark and twinkling with fun, lovely large nostrils and super scissor bite, she has a good spring of rib and a well arched loin, loved her long tail and briskly driving movement.
Judge : Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann