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Critique Pastoral Breeds Judge Christine Collins
Many thanks for the opportunity to judge some excellent dogs. Although numerically small, the classes had some quality exhibits. The heat was uncomfortable for humans, and some of the black dogs were absolutely scorching, even in the earlier classes. By the group, all were sweltering. I thank you for staying in the 30 degree temperature, I think this was one of the best groups I have judged. Many thanks also to the society for the invitation.
Junior d/b (1)
1. BROWN’S ICEWOLF ITS WITCHCRAFT AT ICETRAX. BP & BOB. Young male with a lovely outline and good topline. Liked his broad head, with dark eye, neat ears Muscular neck, good shoulders and well made throughout with good bone. Moved freely and steadily, shown in great coat and condition .
P/G. (2)
1. BROWN’S IT’S A KINDA DREAM ICETRAX. Two year old bitch, with good conformation, nicely balanced outline. Liked her overall shape, good neck, well made body. Shown in good condition. Moved freely, but a little wide behind and a little loose in front.
O. (3)
1. BROWN’S HEAD IN THE CLOUDS SHAMANROCK ICETRAX. Four year old bitch, feminine, nicely made, lovely body shape, good bone. Lovely gait, free and effortless on the move, good tail carriage.
2. BROWN’S ICETRAX SCIROCCO, 2year old male, with a good bodyshape when standing. A little willful on the move, needs time to settle down to the job in hand. Nicely presented.

1. DUMBRELL’S Bearded Collie, MOJO MAGICAL MYSTERY FOR BETHLYNTEE. 9 years. Lovely shape and construction. Loved his head and melting expression. Moved soundly and positively. Good spring of ribs, nice length of back. Excellent coat and presentation.
2. GRAY’s Laekenois, BONIVIVANT AVE A GO OF OKAMI ShCM. 8 years, very sound dog, with lovely movement. Good overall shape, with lovely bone. Strode out very well.
1 Benton & Bemelmans OAKESTELLE ASTERIA. Smooth collie, just over a year. Ultra feminine, with a good overall outline. Lovely head properties, dark eye, well placed ears. Good reach and length of neck, shapely ribcage. Would prefer slightly more bone. Moved nicely, well handled.
2 Zarembiene’s NEHALENNIA DES BERGERS DE TORELY (NAF). Beauceron , 9 months, BP AVNSC. Lovely shape and make, shown in good condition, moved OK, but needs ringcraft.
OPEN (4,1)
1. Gray’s Bonivivante Ave a Go of Okami, Best AVNSC.
2. WILTON’S MEDDOBE SPICE’S ENDEAVOUR. Swedish Valhund, D. Lovely shape and construction, with a nice eye and expression. Good front angulation, moved positively in front, but failed in rear movement to 1.

1. HARTFIELD’S MOSHANTA MAKING A MOVE. BP Delightful bitch, with excellent shape. Good length of neck and body, giving pleasing outline. Lovely dark eye, balanced head, used ears well. Very femine with enough bone, shown in good condition. Let down a little on the move.
2. BADMAN’S TAZAEOS TIA MARIA TO TECKLEBRIDGE. Sweet b/m, lighter in bone than winner. Good overall shape, just let down on movement today.
1. LEE’S MASTER OF ILLUSION. BOB PG 3. Lovely male, with good length to height ratio. Took a little time to settle, but gave a pleasing picture when he did. Liked his head, with good stop, well shaped eye, well placed ears giving a pleasing expression. Shown well, and sympathetically handled. Unsettled on the move at first, but has true positive action. By the group, he was tired and not so exuberant. His young handler please to tell me these wins gave him his Junior Warrant. Well done.
2. STACEY’S VITALA CHAPTR AND VERSE, sweet bitch a little overawed with the whole event. Nice outline, good body shape. Pleasing expression, used ears well . Liked her overall proportions. Just out of puppy, just needs more confidence.
1. Master of Illusion
2. CRIDDLE’S CHAMPARLA MURANO STAR. Nicely proportioned bitch, who showed well. Head of good balance, nice eye and expression. Movement not good, needs to tighten up.
OPEN (2)
1. Hartfields SH CH MOSHANTA MOVE IT MOVE IT JW sHcm. 6 yr old bitch, with a lovely shape, giving a good outline. Loved her head, defined stop, good eye shape, nicely placed ears. Good length of neck and back. Nicely boned, with excellent furnishings to finish the picture. Close for best of breed.
2. Skippers TONKORY DIAMANTE DAZZLER, not the style of winner, moved OK.
1. ELDER’S STORMFIELD BAKTU OUR ROOTS TO BARBUREVE . BP/PPG1. Stood alone, but what a cutie. Totally loved this fawn boy. Still an obvious baby, enjoying his day out. He has excellent bone and substance, shown in good coat and condition. Excellent outline. Loved his head, well defined stop, square muzzle. Lovely expression. Good length of neck, lovely shoulders. Developing in body, lovely spring of ribs, good length of back. Moved confidently around the ring, and in the group strode out like he owned the place. Delightful pup.
OPEN (1)
1. FUNNEL’S SHEZMO LADY IMPA. BOB/PG1. Femine black, of good make and shape. Pretty head, with dark eyes, good stop, well proportioned head. Lovely bend of stifle, excellent angulation throughout. Well presented and simply floated round the ring. Held up to the heat in the group, and this free flowing style took her to the top spot. Well done.
1. LEE’S KAIJARTUU HOPEA NOITA BOB. Shapely bitch, with a cheeky outlook. Nice head, good shoulders, good spring of ribs. Shown in good order, and strode out well with smooth gait. Has the look at me factor, along with all the essentials. Well presented.
2. LEE’S ALLFORUS KALI, needs to show herself off more, but I understand just back into the ring after a while. Moved nicely, but would like more animation at the moment. Also well presented.
3. HALL’S SAMBREEZE BLACK MAGIC. Just a baby at her first show, coped well, lovely pup.
OPEN (3)
1. Kaijartuu Hopea Noita
2. LEE’S ELBERETH LAPINTAIKA AT KAIJARTUU, Lovely black and tan, moved well, needs to extend herself to give a better outline, she seemed to pull back on herself.
3. Halls SAMBREEZE SNOWBALL , delightful puppy, at her first show and thoroughly enjoying herself. For such a baby, she moved well, and in the group did herself well winning PG4.

1. Milhams SHADOWSHACK’S MY GIRL, excellent bone and substance, moved as her construction suggested. Lovely reach and extension. Good head properties, lovely neck and length of back. Shown in good condition.
2. Jones SUZDANS OLLIVANDERS, Well up for size male, with a good outline. For me he needs more bone, movement could be stronger. BP
1. Slaughter & Parsons KINTARO VALENCIA WITH FRANZILLE, nice bitch, with a lovely feminine expression. Good bone, good size, deep chest. Moved ok in the heat. Good overall bodyshape.
OPEN (4, 1)
1. Nolcini’s BROADMAYNES ECLIPSE TO NOLMACDON ShCm JW. Lovely all male, with excellent size and bone. Good shoulders and topline, Head was ideal for me, as was his temprement. My notes say powerful design, and proved this on the move. Loved his overall construction, with well groomed covering. Easy winner of BOB, and still giving it rock all by the group, wo win PG2.
2. Milhams SHADOWSHACKS GRAND PROMISE, so feminine, with a lovely neck and shoulders, flowed throughout. Excellent movement, well handled. Pushed winner hard.

1. Wells SKETRICK PATOU AI 18 mth male, with a most melting expression. Nice outline, topped with excellent presentation. Free flowing on the move, front needs to settle.
OPEN (3, 1)
1. HENSON & DEARMAN SHIRESOAK NANOOK, Lovely male, good bone for size, in excellent coat, well proportioned. Liked his steady gait, looked like he could fulfil his function with ease. Lovely expression, powerful construction. Lovely condition.
2. TADDS KRICARNO KORNISH KONTESSA, bitch with finer bone that I would like, good shoulders, nice length of back, good presentation. I disliked her movement, which was very close behind, and crabbing.

1. Briard
2. German Shepherd Dog
3. Border Collie
4. OES
1. Briard
2. Samoyed
3. Shetland Sheepdog
4. Finnish Lapphund