Critique Pointers – Judge Carol Rogers
Eastbourne & District Canine Society
Open Show – Sunday 24th June 2018
My sincere thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this extremely well run show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I also thank the committee members that organised the lunch which was second to none, brilliant. My thanks also to my steward Marcia & her assistant Laura both were very efficient & kept things moving smoothly for me. My appreciation to all who entered their dogs, I was fortunate enough to have a good entry and some lovely well turned out dogs for me to go over.
Pointers – Puppy (5 1) 1 178 Barnes’ Buffy The Vampire Slayer 8 month old O/W bitch I really liked the look of, to me she oozed strength as well as femininity, A lovely head shape & a strong neck leading to well layed back shoulders & lovely topline, good angulation front & rear with good oval bone, hocks well let down & tight feet, pleasing on the move. BP. 2 180 Cobden’s L/W Pendan Zelie to Alozia also a 8 mth old bitch. Liked her head & expression, looked at me with a kind eye. Long neck & good lay of shoulder, good front & rear angulation with super oval bone & tight feet, moved well, but for me no 1 just had the edge today. Yearling (2) 1 179 Bowen-Brooks’ Tenshilling Blowin Smoke 14 mth old, neatly put together B/W dog, nice skull with defined stop & kindly expression, ears a good shape, but in my opinion a little long. Slightly arched neck leading into well laid shoulders, good oval bone & neat feet. Moved well with drive keeping a good topline RBOB. 2 183 Ottway’s Caithpoint Paloma Faith At Castlebank 19 mth old B/W bitch, a typical head with nice feminine expression, neck leading to nicely sloping shoulders. Oval bone, good length of rib, loins slightly arched & a well set tail. Moved well. PG (4) 1 177 Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me L/W bitch Good head, correct bite. clean muscular neck ,well layed back shoulders leading to nicely sloping topline, good spring of rib, and well muscled front & rear quarters, good oval bone and neat feet. All giving an overall well-balanced outline, moved freely with drive & reach & with good use of her beesting tail BOB. 2 182 Maber’s Hookwood Summer Nights a b/w compact bitch. a nicely shaped head, clean neck a pleasing top line. Muscular front & rear quarters, straight forelegs and with tight feet. Moved well. O (3) 1 186 Perren’s Mistin Pure Mischief ShCM an older dog with a handsome profile. Typical head, eyes & ears correctly placed & kindly expression, a short, but clean & strong neck, good sloping shoulders. Nicely muscled front & rear quarters, good oval bone and neat feet Moved soundly. 2 176 Baker & Baker-Roullier’s Desfrisa Flirtini JW ShCM, a good looking b/w bitch, with a typical feminine head and a pleasant expression. Strong muscular neck leading to well laid shoulders. Well balance overall & moved with good drive & reach.
Carol Roberts