Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Norfolk Terriers

Eastbourne and District Canine Society – Open Show 24 June 2018  Judge: Isobel A West (Raynechaser)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever –


1stNewson, Tivalake Let’s Misbehave –

Nicely showed puppy, good broad shaped skull with a well sloped stop. Well boned forelegs with well laid back shoulders. Had a good depth of chest, nice shape of body. Neat coat in good condition. Muscular hindquarters. Moved well with good reach, just not as good moving behind.  (BPIB)

2ndSmith, Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty –

Feminine head with good almond shaped eyes, just thought stop was slightly too prompt. Well angulated forequarters, which showed on the move with good reach and drive. Would like more depth of chest. Feet tight and rounded and good texture to coat. Thought one had more bone and muscle.

Post Graduate: 

1stPashley, Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska –

Feminine head with good width of skull and moderate stop. Forequarters well angulated. Would like more depth of chest, well boned and muscled. Feet tight just slightly toeing out. Moved effortlessly with equal reach and drive, which made it win its class. Lovely coat with very heavy furnishings.

2ndNewson, Tivalake Let’s Misbehave


1stStrevens, SH CH Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty Jw ShCm –

Nice broad shaped skull with a good sloping stop. Very well-muscled with excellent strong bone. Very well angulated both fore and hindquarters, which showed on the move. Nicely sprung ribs and good depth of chest. Moved well. (BOB)

2ndHunt, Wakaduze Hapon JWW –

Best shaped head with nice sloping stop. Forequarters well angulated, with good strong bone. Deep chested just slightly long in the loin. Good shaped feet just toed out slightly. On the day out of coat. Excellent bend of stifle in the hindquarters. Moved with power giving the impression to be able to work all day. (RBOB)

3rdNewson, Tivalake More Than Wishes

Judge: Isobel A West (Raynechaser)

Norfolk Terrier –


1st Walker, Roxypark Spring Time –

Well shown youngster with broad skull and good width between ears. Position of ears not ideal, eyes slightly rounded. Level topline on the move just slightly long in the loin. Good tail set with well-presented coat.

Post Graduate:

1stGardener, Northwool Jenni and Romance at Danalas –

Feminine shaped head with correct ear size. Eyes oval shaped and alert. Well laid back shoulders giving a good length of neck. Nicely angulated hindquarters and moved well. Short and tight coat with good colour. (RBOB)

2ndWalker, Hadgefield Brucey Baby –

Broad shaped skull, preferred ears of first place. Good scissor bite and tight lipped. Well-muscled and good angulation. Tail set lacked balance.

3rdFreeman, Buttons Rambles –


1stGardener, Perrisblu Liberty at Danalas ShCM –

Feminine head with good sized oval eyes. Well laid back shoulders. Very well angulated hindquarters. Front legs straight with good length of pasterns. Best mover on the day. Good texture and length of coat. (BOB)

2ndGardener, Perrisblu Ceris at Danalas –

Skull and ears of good appropriate size, slightly rounded eyes. Good length of neck. Well angulated fore and hindquarters with well bent stifle. Not as good a mover as first. Well presented.