New Young Kennel Club Rules

From 2018, the Young Kennel Club rules and regulations will move over to a points based system which means you will have more opportunities to qualify for Crufts!

By listening to feedback from our members, we are introducing a new qualification system designed to provide more opportunities to qualify.

You can now qualify by collecting 30 points in YKC classes at qualifying shows throughout the year. (The good news is that first place gets you 30 points, so it’s still an automatic qualification)

In each YKC class, points will be awarded as below and recorded throughout the year by the YKC office.

1st Place – 30 points
2nd Place – 15 points
3rd Place – 10 points

Agility Dog of the Year, Under 18’s Jumping, Handler of the Year, YKC Stakes, Grooming and Obedience competitions will all work on the new points system.

Team Agility, Senior Agility, Senior Jumping, ABC Agility, Flyball and Heelwork to Music will still use the old qualification system.

To check out how these points will work, and to view other changes to the rules, visit and follow the “Compete” tab.

If you hold a Young Kennel Club qualifiers at your show, we will be in touch next week to confirm if you would like to continue and provide you with the new wording.