Limited Show Critique July 2019

Critique for Limited Show
Eastbourne & District Canine Society – Limit Show 18/7/2019
It gave me great pleasure to judge at this well run evening show. The committee pulled out all the stops to make the exhibitors here well catered for. All together a very happy event with some quality exhibits to go over. A huge thank you to my stewards who made my job so easy with their super efficiency.
Minor Puppy 11-3 Dog / Bitch
1st Cherrymans – Philoma Johnny Come Lately – Miniature Schnauzer – pleasing in head & well placed & carried ears. Compact body & combed texture of coat. Balanced throughout. Sound steady movement completed a very promising prospect for the future.
2nd Aldons – Twigglestone Serendipity – Border Terrier
3rd Carricks – Tessmene One In A Million (AI) – Retriever curly coat
Puppy – Dog / Bitch 5-2
1st Pirie’s – Dejare King Of Dreams At Limas Fault – Whippet
A superb dog in top condition. His head is refined with no hint of coarseness. Pleasing soft gentle expression & excellent clean dentition. Elegant neck leading to well placed shoulders & correct top line. On the move he carried himself with elegant self assurance and outstanding performance. Best puppy in show.
2nd Cheethams – Schipdale A Kind Of Magic – Schipperke
3rd Woodwards – Easterbon Night Wizard – Sheltie
Junior – Dog / Bitch 10-6
1st Parms – Bonmac Jackanory – Boxer
A very promising young bitch with excellent head of correct proportions. Well placed ears & intelligent expression. Clean correct dentition. Neat feet and strong bone. Well laid shoulders leading to excellent top line and rear assembly. Sound steady precise movement.
2nd Read & Pace – Dejare Dream – Whippet
3rd Bassets – Trijem Star Of The Snow – Australian Shepherd
Special Yearling – 10-3
1st Evertons – Dragonburg Storm Boy – German Shepherd
A superb head & ear set. Alert & intellegent expression & correct dentition. Strong throughout with excellent bone & muscle tone. Powerful rear assembly enabling him to move out in great style. In excellent coat & condition.
2nd Skipping & Gouth – Pelham Court Miss Markle At Nelbells – American Cocker
3rd Bassets – Trijem Star Of The Snow – Australian Shepherd
AV Hound – Dog / Bitch – 5
1st Read & Pace – South Grove It’s My World At Dejare (Imp. NLD) – Whippet
This bitch has a classic head peace & gentle expression. Neat ears and clean dentition. Ample neck leading to correct top line, well boned & good feet. On the move she was co-ordinated & stylish. In excellent coat & condition.
2nd Jowetts – Barley Moon Ankaa – Saluki
3rd Andrew & Putt – Dolsaca Macchiato – Borzoi
AV NSC Gundog – dog / Bitch – 12-1
1st Barhams – Kenward Gold Mini Me – Pointer
This bitch fills my interpretation of the breed standard completely. She is superb in all departments. Head of excellent shape with well paced ears carried correctly. Intelligent, alert expression & correct dentition. Ample neck leading to correct shoulders, top line & tail set. Well ribbed up & correct bend of stifle with good bone & second thigh. A sound and purposeful mover. Covering the ground with ease. Delighted to award her best in show.
2nd Tubbs – Slap Stones Tidal Wave For Alsutu – Welsh Springer Spaniel
3rd Climpsons – Otham Court Edith Grove – Labrador
AV Terrier NSC – Dog / Bitch 6
1st Kettles – Foxindean Prettiest Star – Smooth Fox Terrier
Pretty bitch with beautiful head of correct proportions with excellent ear carriage. Intelligent expression & attentive to the job in hand. Clean neck leading to correct lay back of shoulder. Tight feet, well boned. Correct coat texture. Her movement was precise & she carried herself with dignity. Sound throughout.
2nd Rhodes – Magairlin Silver Dawn At Ghyllslap – Irish Terrier
3rd Willcock – Hebditch Scottish Terrier (Millingford King Of Hearts) – Scottish Terrier
CRE Imp. AV Utility – 9-5
1st Cherrymans – Marnimica Mix & Match – Mini Schnauzer.
Another from this kennel who is full of quality. Excellent head & ear carriage. Compact body with correct coat texture. Balanced throughout. Sound steady precise movement.
2nd Ransomes – Readimorese Anniversary Bell – Bulldog
3rd Carrick – Tessmewe Sweet Violet – Dalmation
Working – AV not simply classified – 2
1st Norleys – Arctic Skies Bold As Brass With Snodival – Siberian Husky
A totally feminine young lady with super correct head piece. Well set ears and correct eye colour for breed. Clean dentition, well laid shoulders leading to level top line. Excellent ribs & tail carriage. Sound steady movement. Completed an excellent performance.
2nd Pearms – Nightcott Ruption Bebop By Bonmac – Boxer
Pastoral AV NSC – 5-1
1st Milhams – Shadow Shacks Real Charmer – GSD
Aptly named strong powerfully built dog. With superb head piece, correct ear placement, dark clear alert eyes & good dentition. Strong correct jaw. Excellent bone and feet, a powerful co-ordinated mover. A joy to watch, a partnership of dog and hander.
2nd – Bassets – Trijem Star Of The Snow – Australian Shepherd
3rd Felsteads – Foveaux Oz Lady Madonna – Lancashire Heeler
AV NSC Toy – 8-5
1st Woods – Moretonia Easter Parade (E.T. Terrier B & Tan)
This exquisite dog pleased me greatly. He has a superb head piece with well placed erect ears & good eye colour. Correct clean dentition, compact body. Fine bone & best of feet. Nothing to hide, just lovely with a beautiful glossy fine coat in pristine condition. He took my breath away. Delighted to award him reserve best in show.
2nd Nelsons – Sarahmah Cleopatras Dream In Parracombe – Papiollon
3rd Edwards – Tonsarne Emmerson With Sharbour – Affenpinscher
Any Variety Veteran – Dog / Bitch – 10-3
1st Andrews & Putt – Dolsaca macchiato – Borzoi
This dog & handler were in complete harmony. Lovely to watch. He has a superb head piece of correct length & clear eyes. Elegant neck & correct top line (arched for the breed). Strong bone & well developed rear assembly. Plenty of quality coat of correct texture. An elegant sound steady mover. Presented in immaculate coat and condition. Best veteran in show.
2nd Edwards – Speckled Lad Of Fohldown – Chinese Crested
3rd Hounslows – Ridgeway Royal Rumpus – Boston Terrier
AV Import register – 1
1st Milhams – About A Girl The Winter Souls To Shadow Shack (IMP. ESP) – White Swiss Shepherd Dog
I have not seen a standard for this breed but will report my findings with hands on only. An ultra feminine bitch with medium sized head. Alert, well placed ears. Kind eye of clear colour. Correct dentition. Ample neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good length to body with well sprung ribs. Quality strong bone & muscle tone. On the move she displayed athleticism with precise movement. Beautiful clean profuse coat.
AV Special Beginners – 12-3
1st Pearns – Nightcott Ruption Bebop By Bonmac – Boxer
Most feminine bitch. She has a pleasing head & good eye colour. Neat ears, broad muzzle. Correct shoulders leading to well ribbed body. Plenty of bone & good muscle tone. Sound and steady mover presented in top condition.
2nd Bassets – Trijem Star Of The Snow – Australian Shepherd
3rd Aldous – Twigglestone Steps To Hevn – Border Terrier
Judge: Maggie Bunce