Limited Show 2017

Eastbourne & DCS – 30th December 2017

Junior Handling

6- 11 Years (1,0)
1st  Sebastian Markwick – Age 6. Handling a St Bernard. Liked the way this young man showed he was in control and the way his young charge responded to him. Just starting out but with the right training he showed potential. Move his dog well and I was impressed at his knowledge about his breed. Well done and good luck in the future.

12- 16 Years (3,1)

A close call bethween these 2 young ladies. Both well presented themselves and both competent handlers & both gave each other plenty of chances to win the class but none were taken. Both were proficient at showing teeth and both moved their dogs at a good speed but it was attention to detail that let them down especially on the move. Straight lines would have won the class with ease.
1st  Rebecca Hollebon – Age 14 Just won through on a slightly more confident, assured performance then won Best Junior Handler.   2nd   Stevie Norley – Age 13

17 Years Plus (3,0)
1st  Sue Tubb. Headed up a class of mixed abilities. Stood her dog well and attentive to most moves it made. Showed the teeth well. But it was on the move where she won being the only handler who moved her dog on the lines I was looking for especially bringing her dog straight back toward the judge. This also won her Best Overall Handler

2nd   Mrs P Turner
3rd    M
ary Small
Jennifer Oxbury

AV Veteran (12,3)

1st Damai Master Benedict ShCM. 12yr Std Long Hair Dachshund. Super condition and lovely shape. Good head and neck to a well made forehand with plenty of keel. Correct body proportions and level topline. Good width to rear. Steady and true on the move. BVIS

 AV Gundog

 Puppy (9,1)
1st  Pytchley Chasing The Dream for Hookwood. 10mth Pointer. What a super young man. Excels in so many areas. Lovely head and expression, good length of neck to well laid shoulders, ribs of good depth and back to short deep loin. Correct angulation to a well-muscled rear. Such a lovely mover and handled so well. Best Gundog Puppy
Such a shame his owners had to go as I am sure he would have been up there pushing for top spot at the end of the day. Hope everything was ok at home in the end.

Graduate (4,1)
1st   Cleo Laine Of Maresfield at Rodos.3yr Cocker Spaniel. Nice B with a pleasing head. Really well made forequarters, good spring and depth of rib but a touch long through the loin. Good rear and a steady true mover.

Post Graduate (9,4)
1st    Llon Blodyn Ymenyn. Welsh Springer. One of those who is not flashy and doesn’t stand out until you go over her. Pleasing head, well made front with good spring and depth of chest. Level topline through to a nicely angulated rear with correct tailset and carriage. Steady mover, true coming and going with enough reach and drive.

Open (8,3)

1st  Light Of Joy Iz Mazhornogo Lada. 12mth American Cocker Spaniel. Loved his size and shape. Super head with deep stop and good dome. Lovely arch to neck, well laid shoulders, good spring and depth of rib, straight topline with slight slope to a short loin and well made rear. Super mover, true and showing reach and drive. Just won through a close battle with the pointer for Best Gundog then later going Reserve Best in Show

 AV Hound

Puppy (6,2)
1st Nightwind You Can’t Stop The Beat (IMP) 8mth Afghan D. What a super youngster. Good length to head, long neck into well laid shoulders, well made front assembly with good depth to chest and loin. Level back to a well angulated rear of good length. Well set tailopline and such a free easy mover. Best Hound Puppy then later Best Puppy in Show

Graduate (3,1)
1st  Starswift Snow In Summer Over Blandings. 11mth Whippet. Lovely outline and a nice long and lean head. Nicely arched neck to a well made straight front with well laid shoulders. Good depth to chest. Nice angles to rear. Moved true although a little lacklustre.

Post Graduate (4,1)
1st  Lilia Rose At Damai. Standard Long-Haired Dachshund. A very nice 18mth B. Pleasing head & eye, well made front with good keel. Level topline & correct body proportions. Correct mover, straight behind and good drive in profile. Best Hound

Open (4,2)

1st   Blandings Florentine JW ShCM. 5yr Whippet B. Another quality whippet from this owner. Lovely head and ears, nicely arched neck through to a well made front. Lovely outline with correct top and underlines. Well made muscular rear, moved well.

 AV Utility

Puppy (4,0)
1st Eastonite Bombshell At Tytorro. 10mth French Bulldog B. Loved her head, good proportions with well defined stop & lovely ears. well made front, well sprung ribs of good depth. Compact body to nice rear. Best mover, free with correct action. Best Utility Puppy.

Graduate (3,0)
1st  Tessmene Sweet Violet. 15mth Dalmatian B. Very nice young B with good outline, lovely head & ears, good reach of neck flowing into a well made front assembly. Deep chest, well sprung back to short loin.Correct top and underlines. Well muscled rear. Nice even spotting. Nice mover, easy gait, true with drive. Best Utility.

Post Graduate (3,0)
1st   Peptenbulls Mischief Maker at Pelhamdream. 2yr Bulldog B. Nice head of good size and shape but would prefer slightly less length to lower jaw. Good body shape, well made with nice broad square front with good bone. Moved well.

Open (4,0)

1st  Tytorro Easy Action JW. 2yr French Bulldog D. Nice head and ears, short strong neck. Well made fore and aft with correct slightly arched topline. Strode out well with typical action.

 AV Terrier

Puppy (2,0)
1st Abiqua Wild Piannisima. 6mth SCWT. Nice head of good proportions with well shaped closely held ears. Nicely arched neck to well laid shoulders. Deep, well sprung ribs with short level back. Well angulated rear with good tailset and carriage. Lovely soft silky coat. Free graceful mover. Best Terrier Puppy

Graduate (3,1)
1st  Hedgefield Brucey Baby. 2yr Norfolk Terrier. Liked this boy for his size and shape, lovely head with close fitting ears & dark eye. Short neck to a compact body with well laid shoulder, good spring of rib and nice forechest. Deep through loin, level topline, good tailset and nice rear. Moved true with purpose and drive. Best Terrier

Open (3,1)

1st Twigglestone Elfenor JW ShCM. 5yr Border Terrier. Lovely head and ears, well made, straight front with good shoulders. Correct spring of rib, well muscled loin and good rear. Nice harsh coat. Steady mover.

 AV Pastoral

 Puppy (3,1)
1st Shadowshack’s My Girl. 10mth German Shepherd Dog B. What a stunning youngster. Super head and ears with lovely eyes. Excellent front assembly with good bone and feet. Lovely depth of chest and forechest. Deep through loin to well angulated rear. Correct topline. Super mover, strong & true with drive. Best Pastoral Puppy then later Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Graduate (2,1)
1st   Heckaslike Tex Tucker at Woodhawk. 13mth Lancashire Heeler. Pleasing head with a cheeky expression and nice dark eye. Well made forehand with good spring and depth of rib well back to short loin. Correct tight front and a well muscled rear with good tailset. Sassy, true brisk mover.

Open (2,0)

1st Shadowshack’s Real Charmer. Another stunner from this handler. Super head, masculing of good size and proportions with dark eyes. Super front, muscled with well laid shoulders, good bone and nice forechest. Deep well sprung ribs through a deep muscular loin to a well muscled and well angulated rear. On the move he showed his strength with straight true front and rear. In profile he was able to show good reach and drive. Could not be denied Best Pastoral and later won through to beat the rest of my winners to take Best In Show.

 AV Working

 Puppy (5,3)
1st Nordicface Aurora Yukon at Staggan. 10mth Siberian Husky. This young man looks very smart on the stand and move. Pleasing head and ears. Well made front and rear, deep chest ribbed well back to short loin. Level topline and good tailset. Moved well. Best Working Puppy.

Graduate (2,1)
1st  Beausaint Queen Of Hearts. 13mth St Bernard. Nice B but looking a little tired today. Head developing well. Well made with good shoulders, nice bone and neat feet. Body has a long way to go but is deep through chest and loin. Correct rear with good width of ham. Steady true mover.

Post Graduate (3,2)
1st  Philoma Ms Kalifornia. 22mth Giant Schnauzer B. What a smart young lady. Love her head and neck. Well made front with good shoulders, depth and spring of rib and nice forechest. Short deep loin, level topline and good tailset. Long, well angulated rear. Rather full of herself on the move but showed enough to win Best Working.

AV Toy

 Puppy (3,1)
1st Nasabe Boogie Woogie Jump. 6mth English Toy Terrier. Super young lady on the table but boy, did she enjoy herself on the move. Lovely head and expression with correct ears. Fine and elegant throughout, well made. Rather excited on the move today but did settle eventually and in the challenge for BPIS moved much better. Best Toy Puppy.

Graduate (3,1)
1st  Dogywogydoda Furbys Diva.15mth Long Coated Chihuahua. Very pretty feminine B with a lovely head, correct bite and nice ears. Well made fore and aft with level topline and correct tailset and carriage. Super mover.

Post Graduate (3,1)
1st  Britushglory King Arthur. 2yr Fawn Pug D. Smart young man with a lovely head, dark round eye, close well set ears and black mask. Super frong with well laid shoulders and good forechest. Well sprung, deep ribs and deep loin. Level back to well set tail held close. Lovely true purposeful movement.

Open (7,2)

1st  Blacktsar Serendipity For Aarhus. 3yr Pomeranian B. What a gorgeous little bundle. Super head and ears. Well made with well sprung ribs, short coupled and with a good coat. Tail held high and close to back. Free true brisk mover. A little show-girl. Best Toy

 AV Memorial Open Stakes (10,4)

 1st Shadowshack’s Real Charmer

 Ray McDonald (Judge)