Critique for Labradors – Judge Lucy Rawlinson
Eastbourne & District Canine Society
Labrador Retrievers – Lucy Rawlinson
Puppy (4,2)
1st Smith’s Hollymanor Duddleswell Jet (BP)
Promising black male of good breed type. He had a balanced outline with good spring of rib and bone. Kind Head and expression. Moved well. Loved how his personality shone out.
2nd Medlicott’s Ripe Crackle Creeking
Yellow male presented in good condition and well muscled. Excellent movement that came easily to him. Handled to get the best out of him. Just lacked the overall bone and substance of the winner.
Yearling (5,0)
1st Hobby’s Icarus Jean Genie
Young yellow bitch that had a pleasing outline with level topline and correct tail set. Good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Correct front angulation. Feminine head with kind eyes.
2nd Tickner & Welfords Ankari Dora the explorer
Another bitch shown in excellent coat and overall condition. Attractive head with sweet expression and correct ear carriage. Well boned, with good spring of rib. Correct rear angulation. Moved well.
3rd Autey’s Chadfirth Azulejos
Graduate (2,1)
1st Autey’s Chadfirth Alcazaba (BOB)
Well balanced chocolate, full of breed type. He had a pleasing outline with level top line and correct construction. Well-muscled with an excellent double coat. Masculine head with a melting expression. Powerful movement that came very easily too him. A well deserving best of breed who I look forward to seeing in the future as he matures further.
Post Graduate (3,2)
1st Hobbys’s Icarus Abracadabra
Steady yellow with a feminine head and kind expression. Good length of leg, level top line and tight feet. Good overall balance, just would have preferred her to be carrying slightly less weight.
Open (4,3)
1st Tickner & Welfords Othamcourt Penny Lane to Ankari
Mature yellow bitch with good breed type. Correct rear angulation, with good turn of stifle. She moved with good drive, covering her ground well and had a sweet head and expression. It was a shame she was just lacking coat on the day.