Great Danes

Critique for Great Danes Judge Cheryl Mahon.
Eastbourne and District Canine Society open June 24th 2018
Thank you to the committee for this enjoyable appointment, beautiful venue and friendly club. A small entry due to the date clashing with Blackpool Ch show, the entry reflected quality if not quantity.
Junior (1)
1st Colletts’ Foaldown Secret Tribute; 6 month old fawn male and every inch the puppy at the moment. Parallel head planes with good length of muzzle and square drop of lip. Nice tight eyes and gentle expression and correct bite. Long graceful neck leading to correct shoulders and lovely tight catlike feet. Good depth of chest with straight topline and good croup. He didn’t really enjoy his day out but he settled on the move into nice free forward movement. Best puppy and puppy group 3
Post Graduate (1) Absent
Open (2)
1st Bourtons’ Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano; 2yr Fawn bitch. Feminine bitch with the softest expression. Parallel head planes with correct clean bite and lovely length of muzzle and drop of lip. Strong muscular neck onto well placed shoulders, good depth of chest, just enough tuck up and good rear angulation. Muscular and well conditioned but does not need any more weight. Moved freely with elegance and power which can’t have been easy under such heat. BOB and Working group 2.
2nd Pococks’ Tamzdane Cake my Day; 22 months Harlequin bitch. Attractively marked with clean white background and evenly marked patches. feminine, well chiselled head with intelligent expression. Nice correct clean bite. Long graceful neck leading to shoulders that I would like a tad more angulation, nice depth of chest with good tuck up. Straight topline and good rear angulation. In excellent condition. Moved with power around the ring. Difficult decision between this bitch and my BOB. Both exude breed type and quality but I just preferred the head and expression of number 1. RBOB.