Deerhound and Wolfhound Critiques, Open Show 2022

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this wonderful, well run, friendly show. Thank you to my most efficient steward, Justine who kept the ring ticking over and to the exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to judge their wonderful hounds.


Junior 1

1st Finnet & Heathcote, Miss S L & Dr N S A Hyndsight Talk on the street.

18-month-old boy. Attractive eye-catching youngster. Masculine head, dark eye and the desired aquiline nose. Muscular neck that flows into the correct lay of shoulders, straight long forelegs with broad flat bone. Deep chest with nice length of ribbing and strong well arched loin. Balanced, muscular rear quarters with great length from hip to hock. Shown in super coat. Lovely profile movement, holding his top line on the move.

Post Graduate 3

1st Lucas & Dargonne, Miss R V & Mr C J Packway Ecotrailer

20-month-old bitch. She presented a super curvy outline on the stack. Lovely feminine head with a soft keen expression. Long head with flat skull, powerful jaws and correct dentition. Strong neck that fits smoothly into well-laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Well-made rear with super width to second thigh. Strong, low hocks which she used well on the move.

 2nd Everard, Mrs C M & Mr L J Packway Herons Ghyll

3-year-old male with pleasing proportions and outline. Lovely head, with expressive dark eyes, has a good moustache and beard. Shown in excellent coat. Balanced fore and aft, with good depth of chest and decent infill. Muscular loin with hips set wide apart. Moved with a long effortless stride.

 Open 3 (1)

1st Heathcote, Dr N S A Hindsight Neaghley

20-month-old bitch. Presented a super outline. A quality youngster, no doubt that she is built for speed and endurance. Pretty head with a dark eye and that far away expression. Muscular neck flowing into super shoulders, good broad forearms and elbows set well under. Capacious chest, well ribbed back and strong muscular loin complimented with a sweeping underline. A powerfully made rear and a good bend of stifle enabled her to flow around the ring with easy and active movement. BOB  & HG3.

 2nd Lucas & Dargonne, Miss R V & Mr C J Packway Smackfarthing

3-year-old elegant bitch shown in hard condition. The kindest of expressions with lovely, small well held ears, aquiline nose, correct dentition and strength to jaw. Strong neck, correct shoulder placement and good depth of chest. Excellent bone with compact well-knuckled feet and strong nails. Broad, powerful, muscular rear with well-developed 2nd thighs. Lovely harsh coat. Her curvy, shapely underline and top line completed the picture. Covered plenty of ground on the move with a lovely long stride. In tune with her handler, a good team. RBOB


 Junior 2 (1)

1st Wilkinson, Mrs S Rainster Eliex among Hunacres NAF

7-month-old wheaten brindle bitch. Pretty, feminine head with lovely furnishings. Good length to muzzle with correct dentition, large ears but well held. Lovely arched neck flows into fair shoulders, although a little short in upper arm. Strong, straight bone and round, well-padded feet. Good depth to chest and infill for her age, back well ribbed and strength to loin. Balanced rear angulation, good bend of stifle with hocks well let down.  Moved well in profile although tad close in rear at present. A promising puppy. RBOB, BP & PG3

 Post Graduate 1

1st Campbell-Woodford, Mr K & Mrs A E Whiteorchard Adhara at Kilmacduagh

20-month-old wheaten bitch. Feminine head with super furnishings, though would prefer darker pigmentation around the eyes. Lovely rosed ears carried well. Strong muscular neck into reasonable shoulders, good depth of chest. Back well-ribbed but a tad long in the loin. Well angulated rear with width to second thigh and strong low hocks.  Moved well in profile although slightly wide in front. A little soft in condition.

Open  5 (1)

1st Holder & Howe Mrs M A & Mr D B Sade Araya Mascotts JW

4-year-old dark brindle bitch that caught my eye when she entered the ring. A beautiful houndy outline, with curves from nose to tail. Elegant, strong arched neck that flows into well-laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm. Deep chest, lovely spring of rib and strong muscular loin, sweeping underline and gracefully arched topline. She has strong rear quarters, with broad thighs and good bend of stifle. Lovely harsh coat. Shown in super weight and condition. Moved around the ring with an easy and active stride. BOB

 2nd Taylor & Lynch, Mr J  & Mrs J Gaeltarra Eireann Watson (Imp Nld)

4-year-old powerful male. Well balanced fore and aft. Attractive masculine head with plenty of furnishings although a wee bit wide in skull. Strong, muscular neck flows into well laid shoulders, deep chest with plenty of in fill. Elbows set well under. Good width to thighs and low strong hocks. He moved steadily around the ring, though he would benefit from carrying a little less weight.