Critiques for AV & AVNSC Working, Boxer, Russian Black Terrier & St Bernard


Sunday 24th june 2018

Judge: Mike John


Veteran Dog or Bitch ( 3 entries 0Absent) 1st Dickenson’s The Ace of Spades ShCM. A well put together 7 year old male Russian Black Terrier of excellent shape and proportions. Good coat, correct dentition, plenty of bone. Moved well. 2nd Hughe’s Staggan’s French Kiss. 10 year old Siberian Husky bitch. Not the biggest of girls, but very well proportioned. Pretty head with alert expression, correst bite. Nice harsh coat, good topline, sufficient bone. Movement ok but she wouldn’t settle.


Junior Dog or Bitch (1 entry) 1st Keenan’s Akna Prince Kaspia** At Sivulliik. Handsome 7 month old grey and white male Canadian Eskimo Dog with good head and lovely dark eyes. Nice harsh coat, proportions ok with correct topline and tail. Very lively today but moved ok when settled. Best AVNSC Puppy

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2 entries, 0 absent) 1st Keenan’s Akna Zephoned at Sivulliik. 3 year old white female Canadian Eskimo Dog with nice expression and good dark eyes. Good proportions, correct topline, nice coat. Moved with rhythm and purpose. 2nd Keenan’s Akna Unuk At Sivilliik. 2 year old red female Canadian Eskimo Dog of slighter build than 1st. Another nice expression. Fantastic harsh coat and a lovely colour. Moved well for what was her first show.

Open Dog or Bitch ( 3 entries, 0 absent) 1st Keenan’s Akna Lucifer** At Sivulliik. 3 year old black and white female Canadian Eskimo Dog with nice head and expression good small ears darkish eyes and correct bite. Pleasing shape and good proportions with a lovely coat. Moved effortlessly and with plenty of drive. Best AVNSC. 2nd Woodcocks Belleville Olhos De Anio. 2 year old female Portuguese Water Dog with lovely friendly expression. Good proportions for size Nice quality coat. moved ok


Yearling Dog or Bitch (8 entries, 1 absent) 1st Harvey’s Harvlin Magic Mystery. 20 month old brindle bitch with lovely face, head and expression. Nice dark eyes. Good proportions and size and adequate bone. Best mover in what was a large class. RBoB. 2nd Coward’s Barnsgate Eagle Eyed Ernie. 13 month old fawn dog with good head characteristics, dark eyes. A good size and of correct proportions, a sound mover with his lively nature shining through.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (3 entries, 0 absent) 1st Mitchell’s Diceulon The Gangster. Handsome fawn dog, 2 days off being 2 years old! Lovely head and expression, dark eyes. Good size and proportions. Plenty of bone and solid muscle. Sound relaxed mover. 2nd Coward’s Barnsgate Perfect Parsley. 3 year old bitch with pretty feminine head and kind expression. Smaller than 1st but of good proportions and shape. Moved ok.

Open Dog or Bitch (1 entry) 1st Weller’s Geenawell Glitz and Glamour. 2 year old brindle bitch with lovely noble head and expression, good dark eye. Excellent all round proportions and shape.Plenty of bone and an abundance of muscle. Moved with purpose and power and though standing alone, was a clear BoB

Russian Black Terrier

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (3 entries, 0 absent) 1st Dickenson’s Kalaslane Demyan (IKC). Large mature 4 year old dog with lovely head and expression, correct ear size and set. Plenty of substance and in good proportion. Excellent coat and correct tail set. Moved with power and rhythm. RBoB. 2nd Smithurst’s Asta Dusha Ravnice. Quality 6 month bitch, who just beat her brother on proportions. Good square proportions, correct topline, pleasing all roun. Moved very well for her age, if a little lively! BP

Open Dog or Bitch (2 entries, 0 absent) 1st Smithurst’s Alibaba Dermott. A fantastic 3 year old dog with great substance, lovely proportions and correct shape. Correct topline and tail set, lovely head and expression, great coat. Moved well with ease and drive. B0B. 2nd Dickenson’s The Ace of Spades ShCM. (as AV Working Veteran)

St Bernard

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2 entries, 0 absent) 1st Markwick’s Beausaint Queen of Hearts at Lecoutre. 18 month old bitch with nice large head and good expression. Pleasing shape. Good unhurried movement. RB0B. 2nd Andrew’s Lazybears Eleanor 7 month old bitch with ok head and pleasant expression. Plenty of bone and in good coat. A bit unsettled and somewhat lively today, she moved ok. BP

Open Dog or Bitch (1 entry) 1st Andrew’s Lanebern On Top At Aveyrew. Large 3 year old dog with great head and expression. Plenty of bone, good proportions, nice big feet. Plenty of coat. Moved powerfully with well-held correct topline. BoB

Working Group 1: Giant Schnauzer. WG2: Great Dane. WG3: Newfoundland. WG4: Alaskan Malamute. ( Siberian Husky and Bernese Mountain Dog also shortlisted)

Working Puppy Group 1: Alaskan Malamute. WPG2: Doberman. WPG3: Great Dane. WPG4: Siberian Husky.

Mike John

June 2018