Critique for Limited Show December 29th 2019

Eastbourne & District Limit show

It was a pleasure to judge the Eastbourne & Dist. Limit show. A welcoming Committee and lovely atmosphere awaited me and I really enjoyed my day (despite being knocked off my feet with flu preceding the show!) Thanks to the exhibitors for their sporting applause and acceptance of my placings and to my 2 excellent Stewards, Christine Rayment and Colin Haffenden, who did a fantastic job keeping things flowing and allowing us to finish at a reasonable time.

Adult Handling (5)

1st Violet Hallett. Handled her Dalmatian with style and professionalism. Carried out her patterns well, moved her charge at the correct speed and, overall, they gave a good performance and deserved the win.

2nd Lauren Pelling. Another good handler. Handling a Whippet very well. Stacked her dog foresquare and moved at the right speed. Kept her eye on the Judge at all times and never obstructed my view.

3rd James Hutton-Baber. Handling a Cocker.

AVNSC Veteran (14) 1st Blandings Florentine. 7 year old Whippet bitch. Beautifully feminine. Excellent outline with correct angles, topline and standing on excellent feet. Sound, free mover in all directions. Won a good class.

2nd Kazim Uptown Girl. Pretty, feminine Papillon bitch of 8 years. Lovely head, eye and excellent ears with super fringing. Good to go over on the table. In super coat and condition. A real showgirl, giving her all for her handler. Light, sound mover with correct tail carriage.

3rd Twigglestone Elfenor. Border Terrier.

AV Import Reg.

O (1) 1st About A Girl The Winter Souls To Shadowshack. Feminine but substantial White Swiss Shepherd of great type and quality. Long head, well balanced with good eye shape and ears. Full dentition. Good reach of neck leading to a well angled front. Firm backline and excellent quarters. Moved with reach and drive from the soundest of hocks. Not quite in full coat and a bit overawed in the venue but I thought she was smashing and was 3rd in line for BIS. Best Imp. Reg.


P (6) 1st Stillastar Tiger Moth. Attractively marked Bl/w Whippet pup of 9 months. On the big side but well balanced with a shapely outline, typical head, outlook and sound conformation. Gave a good account of himself both on the stack and on the move, just needs to firm-up in front action. BPNSC Hound.

2nd Stargang Magic Alfie Moon. Liked this Min L/H Dachs very much. Good overall outline, pleasing head, dark, almond eye. Moderate neck, good angles front and back. Lovely coat. Confident pup that put in a good performance. Sound enough on the move but can settle a bit out and back. Close-up.

3rd Yelxba Bonnie. Irish Wolfhound.

G (2) 1st Blandings Eyes On The Prize. Stunning br/w Whippet bitch. Super clean outline. Excellent head with dark expressive eye and scissor bite. Long, reachy neck, excellent angles, deep chest and correct topline. Excellent bone and good feet. Moved with reach and drive, covering the ground with ease. Just loved her and think she will have a great future. BNSC Hound & RBIS.

2nd Tigsisle Fan The Flames. Another cracking Whippet bitch. Similar in outline, size and femininity to 1st, just not the depth of chest or maturity. Moved well in all directions. Excellent condition.

PG (3) 1st Cazdachs Ziva David. Min S/H Dachs of good type, size and outline. Excellent head, eye and bite. Good conformation with strong bone and good feet. Free mover, sound. Excellent condition.

2nd Dejare King Of Dreams At Limasfault. Up to size f/w Whippet dog. Good head shape, excellent neck, good angulation front and back. Firm body and muscle tone. Excellent presentation. Sound mover with enough reach and drive.

3rd Tigsisle Make some Noise. Whippet.

O (4) 1st Nightwind You Can’t Stop The Beat. Quality Afghan. Eye-catching and of great type and composure. Super head, dark, well -shaped eye. Strong bite. Good neck leading to a long, well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Firm topline and excellent ribs. Excellent hind angulation. Lovely coat, well presented. Moved well enough with correct tail carriage. Just needed a larger ring to get fully into his stride. That said, pushed all the way.

2nd Tigsisle Totally Unique. Cream Saluki bitch that I have done well as a youngster. Lovely outline on the stack, so feminine in outlook and balanced all through. Long, head, dark, oval eye and strong bite. Good conformation. A bit short on furnishings at present but that didn’t detract from her overall quality. Moved very well.

3rd Dolscara Macchiato. Borzoi.

AVNSC Gundog

P (2) 1st Riondel Aurora At Carinosa. Pretty blue roan Cocker bitch. Compact outline. Lovely head, eye and soft expression. Moderate neck. Nicely angled front and back. Excellent ribs for her age. Lovely, happy temperament and enjoying her day. A bit wide in front but sound overall. Well presented. BPNSC Gundog.

2nd Sweet Millie Mae. Golden Retriever bitch of just 7 months. Lovely head and expression. Good overall outline. Excellent body, bone and coat. Now needs to learn the job to show off her virtues to better advantage. Moved Ok.

G (4) 1st Line Sam Appealing Partner. Up to size Cocker, but well balanced all through. Excellent head and expression. Well set ears. Deep chest, excellent bone and small, compact feet. Cobby body shape. Good angulation and well set tail. In excellent coat and condition and beautifully presented. Out moved all the opposition to take BNSC Gundog.

2nd Brynceri Once In A Blue Moon. Feminine but substantial Cocker bitch. Liked her compact outline, lovely head and soft expression. Good to go over on the table but carrying enough weight. Moved ok once she put her mind to it! Well presented and handled.

3rd Pelhamcourt Miss Markle At Nelbells. Am Cocker Spaniel.

PG (5) 1st Omennes Forever Yours. Cocker bitch of excellent make and shape. Good head, drk eye, scissor bite and well set ears. Reachy neck. Good bone, cobby body and excellent angles. Low set hocks. Excellent moverl and enjoying her day. Lovely coat . Really close-up to her kennel mate.

2nd Geenawell Honey Ryder At Nelbells. Pretty, feminine headed buff Am. Cocker bitch. Nice head, plush muzzle, dark eye and good bite. Moderate neck, firm topline good angles. Moved well.

O (7) 1st Slapstones Tidal Wave For Alsutu. Beautifully presented WSS in excellent coat and condition. Lovely colours and markings. Typical outline. Pleasing head, good reach of neck, deep chest. Firm topline, held at all times. Strong quarters. Can tighten coming towards but makes a pleasing picture overall.

2nd Cushatlaw Chaos At Woodhawk. Feminine GSP bitch. Lovely head and expression. Good neck, angulation and spring of rib. Could be firmer in topline and carry a bit more body to advantage. Good bone and functional feet. Free mover.

3rd Tribbsson’s Coco Delight. Golden Retriever.

AVNSC Utility

G (2) 1st Maldavale Black Knight. Lovely Min. Poodle dog. Head of good shape, well chiselled and good chin. Excellent almond eye, dark and expressive. Reachy neck and good conformation. Just right for bone. Short back. Crisp, well presented coat. Excellent mover but could have a bit more confidence to show off that typical Poodly attitude.

2nd Minarets A Kind Of Magic. Another good Min. Poodle dog. Lovely head, better size than 1st and pleasing overall shape. Tail a bit gay and could have better feet. Good coat, nicely prepared. Free mover, covers the ground well.

PG (3) 1st Senoble’s Midnight In Moscow. Pretty, feminine Shih Tzu. Good head and width of muzzle. Lovely large, dark eyes giving a melting expression. Good neck, front and rear. Excellent bone for her size. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved well showing some pad. Just needs time to mature fully. Excellent coat, beautifully presented.

2nd Tessmene Sweet Violet. Dalmatian bitch. Good outline. Feminine, shapely head, Good to go over on the stack but carrying enough weight. Good spotting. Moved out well in all directions.

3rd Cavanian SilverStarshine.

O (4) 1st Candidals Tennesse VIP At Deovolante. Standing alone here but worthy of his win. Impressive, strong and masculine Dalmatian dog. Good head, moderately broad skull and stop and well balanced all through. Good neck, moderate angles front and back. Strong topline, short loins and in hard condition. Although would have benefited from a larger ring, he moved with scope, reach and drive. BNSC Utility.

AVNSC Terrier

P(4) 1st Foxindean Future Legend. SFT bitch of 10 months. Quite mature for her age. Head of good length, moderate width and minimal stop. Excellent ear set and carriage and correct eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck, balanced angles front and back. Holds herself well both on the stack and on the move. Good Terrier attitude and, especially if she lives up to her name, should have a bright future. BPNSC & RBPIS.

2nd Exotica Iz Imperii Jamper At Masajack. Precious baby JRT of just 6 months and attending her fist show. Everything to like at this stage. Good head and expression, confident on the table, Correct height to length proportions, good conformation and coat for her age. Moved very well.

3rd Kenynten Funny Ha Ha. Norfolk Terrier.

G (2) 1st Twigglestone Serendipite. Feminine Border Terrier. Broad head and muzzle with correct stop. Strong, scissor bite. Good eye and ears. Everything in moderation with functional length of leg, easily spannable, thick pelt, and excellent tail. Sound mover in all directions. BNSC Terrier.

2nd Twigglestone Onzieme Heure. Litter brother to 1st and similar in make and shape. Masculine outlook. Good body, spannable and correct tail . Lovely terrier attitude! Easy mover. Double coat.

PG (3) 1st Magairlin Silver Dawn At Ghyllslap. Irish Terrier of a lovely colour, harsh jacket and well presented. Good length of head, small, dark eye with a mischievous expression. Teeth of good size. Excellent ear set and carriage. Medium neck, good front and rear. Relatively short loins. Firm hocks and clean pads. Moved well in all directions.

2nd T Onzieme H.

O (4) 1st Foxinden Prettiest Star. SFT bitch of a good square shape. Feminine head, strong, scissor bite, good ears. Moderate angulation and correct bone. Small, compact feet. Excellent high set tail. Moved with reach and drive. Well presented.

2nd Twigglestone Steps To Hevin. Border Terrier. Just spannable but pleases in overall outline, correct head and muzzle and good bone and feet. Coat ok.

3rd Howthwaite Gentil Duke At Tilmoray. Border Terrier.

AVNSC Pastoral

P (3) 1st Selestar Salix Lutea With Foveaux. Cracking 6 month old Lancashire Heeler bitch pup. So together for one so young. Lovely size with substance and bone to compliment. Wedge-shaped head, dark, twinkling eye and well set ears, sensitive in use. Gave a good account of herself both on the table and on the move. Sound in all directions. I am sure she will have a great future. BNSC Pastoral, BPNSC Pastoral & BPIS…congratulations!

2nd Fangio De La Porte De Pantin At Barronoaks. Well grown Briard dog. Excellent breed type with the most superb head and blunt muzzle. Large nose, dark eye. Good neck. Moderately angled front and back. Good length of tail. Needs time to fill his frame. Easy mover.

3rd Jupavia Midnyte Dreams At Elystari.

G (2) 1st Trijem Star Of The Snow. Pretty Australian Shepherd. Liked the balance of head and muzzle. Moderate stop. Eye shape ok. Medium neck. Firm topline. Good front and rear. Moved steadily and freely with sufficient reach and drive. Excellent coat, well presented.

2nd Dragonberg Storm Boy. Large L/C GSD. Rather coarse all through. Nice head and ears. Scissor bite with full dentition. Firm topline. Good body. Moved ok. Would benefit from a larger ring no doubt.

O (2) 1st Esterbon Liberty Bell Joins Parracombe. Pretty, feminine tri Sheltie bitch. Wedge head, good stop and well set tipped ears. Almond eye of good colour. Medium neck, front angles ok. Shapely outline with good sweep over croup. Good bone and tight feet. Lovely double coat. Well handled to bring out her best. Sound mover with a low carried tail.

2nd Locheil Secret Surprise At Elystari. Masculine but functional Border Collie dog. Lovely head, eye shape ok, well set ears, sensitive in use. Moderate neck. Good angles and firm body. Moved well but rather fond of his tail which detracted from his overall outline on the move. Good double coat.

AVNSC Working

A disappointingly low entry in this Group (just 2 present) but they were both excellent representatives of their breeds and, ultimately, this is the Group that contained my BIS winner!

PG (2) 1st Santanna Dazzling Spirit At Zefather. Absolutely beautiful young Great Dane bitch. Has such style and elegance but still has substance and bone to compliment her frame. Gorgeous head and expression. Long neck, good front angles shapely body and firm topline. Excellent hind angulation. Tight, well knuckled feet. Despite the restricted ring, gave a polished performance and moved with great style and absolute soundness. Well handled and presented. With a bit of luck should gain her title. BNSC Working and BIS.

2nd Bonmac Jackanory. Unlucky to come up against the Dane today as she too is a lovely. A powerful, muscular Boxer bitch that retains her feminine charms. Super head piece, strong, arched neck, deep chest, strong bone and square outline. Firm topline, short loins and excellent quarters. Moved with plenty of reach and drive.


PG (2) 1st Inixia Moonlight Shadow. Ultra feminine Papillon bitch. Good head, dark, inquisitive eye and expression. Lovely ear set with excellent fringing. Moderate neck. Firm body and well held topline. Good angles. High set tail carriage. Floated around the ring in breed typical fashion. Well presented coat of correct texture. BNSC Toy.

2nd Kazim Rhyme And Reason. Another pretty Papillon bitch. Similar for size and outline to 1st. Not quite the eye and expression or freedom of movement. Good conformation and coat. Well handled and presented.

O (4) 1st Sarahmah Kleopatra’s Dreams In Parracombe. Papillon bitch. Larger type. Pleasing head and feminine outlook. Good ears with fringing to compliment. Good eye and bite. Good conformation and a high set and carried tail. Not quite in full coat and can tighten a bit in front. Overall a sound mover and showed herself well to win this class.

2nd Blackstar Serendipity For Aarhus. Pretty Pom bitch. Compact outline. Typical Spitz head and expression. Small, well set ears, used to advantage. Good coat. Moved ok.

3rd Tonsarne Emmerson. Affenpinscher.

AV Open Stakes (12)

1st B Eyes on The P. Whippet

2nd T Totally U. Saluki

3rd T Star Of The S. Australian Shepherd

Darren Clarke (Judge)