Afghans, PBGV,Dachs,Hounds AV,Group,Aht Open Stakes

Critique for Hounds Alayna Allen
Thank you to the Officers and Committee for their invitation and hospitality.
The covered rings were spacious and cool, a lovely show.

AV Hound Veteran (2)
1st Robert’s & Spearing’s Linkenless Liberty SHCM
Nice head, stands four square. Well balanced and moved out well in profile.
2nd Sutton’s Lillymai Flower at Damai
Lovely type for head and shape. Excellent outline and muscle. Just lacks enthusiasm in profile.

Afghan Hound
P (1)
1st Fairburn & Robert’s Cloudside Sunset
Pretty girl, well balanced. Nice shape and ring tail. Moved well when settled. BP and PG3

Y (1)
1st Boydell’s Nightwind You Can’t Stop the Beat (IMP)
Happy temperanment and well muscled. Nicely balanced angulation. Well filled chest. Correct typey movement. BOB and HG4

PG (2)
1st Earnshaw’s Khamis Snow Leopard with Moonshadow
Nice shape and balance. Well presented.
2nd Fisher’s Harlextan Tout Sweet Goto Ifmaraf
Nice for size and ring tail.

O (2)
Both well presented and correct tails. Just preferred top line of 1.
1st Boydell & Farquhar’s Kerrijoy The Pyramid King SHCM RBOB
2nd Boydell & Fairburn’s Nightwind the Beat Goes on at Warrenoak JW SHCM

PG (1)
1st Moulding’s Nykarth Perfect Moment
Typey head, good angulation. Proportions good on the stack and coming together on the move. BOB and BP

O (1)
1st Moulding’s Nykarth O’be Serious
Happy temperanment. Good height to length proportions. Moved with rear drive.

Dachshund LH
PG (2)
1st Clarke’s Tekalhaus Diamond Life
Super head and front. Well ribbed back. Nice rear and holds outline well on move. BOB
2nd Sutton & Pankhurst’s Lilia Rose at Damai
Nice outline and overall balance when stacked. Not holding her outline on the move today.

O (1)
1st Clarke’s Tekalhaus Million To One SHCM
Nice shape and balance. Preferred the freedom in profile and head on BOB winner.

Dachshund Min LH
J (1)
1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Sukimac
Shown in excellent condition and well presented. Beautiful head and super front. BP and PG4.

PG (1)
1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Cristobel
Excellent condition, head and front. Nice length. Moved soundly up and down.

O (1)
1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac
Excellent head and well balanced outline. Sound up and down, holding outline in profile. BOB.

Dachshund Min SH
J (1)
1st Lewis’ Roonard Calendar Girl
Super coat and very showy. Nice proportions and excellent mouth with strong teeth. Moved soundly, holding outline around the ring. BOB BP and PG1

PG (1)
1st Ball’s Barisse Grimaldi
Good front angulation. Moved soundly up and down.

O (1)
1st Lewis’ Ardenrun Maid of the Weald
Nicely balanced with lovely head. Moved freely in profile.
2nd Ball’s Barisse Grimaldi

Dachshund WH
O (1)
1st Foglia’s Kentixen Abies Grandis
Nice strong teeth, good outline held on the move. Well presented and handled. BOB.

Dachshund Min WH
J (2)
Two different types.
1st Piper’s Macushia Micheal Mosley
Good head, eye and nice strong teeth. Good front, sound coming and going. BOB
2nd Badman’s Tecklebridge Ashinee
Sound coming towards. Preferred body on the winner.

PG (1)
1st Badman’s Tecklebridge Anneliese
Nice head and eye. Moved soundly away and well in profile.

O (1)
1st Badman’s Kenquince Caramel Latte
Good top line held on the move. Sound up and down.

Hound Group
1st Larkin’s Rubicon Red Dothe Right Thing Royaal Pearl (IMP MNE)
Really impressive bitch of lovely quality. Good clean lines and in excellent condition. Really well balanced all through and this showed on the move.
2nd Blacklee’s Collooney Eye for the Boys
Beautiful quality bitch, ultra feminine with curvy outline. Very smooth to go over. Moved soundly and freely but lacked a little enthusiasm otherwise would have pushed hard for the win.
3rd Martin’s Canerikie Vivaldi For Stalwart JW SHCM
A beautiful quality male who I have judged before. I love his shape and balance. Today I felt he could have done with a touch more weight to complete the picture.
4th Boydell’s Nightwind You Can’t Stop the Beat (IMP)

Hound Puppy Group
1st Lewis’ Roonard Calendar Girl
2nd Davis’ Jemalsheva Goldikova
A quality and pretty bitch with curvy outline and very sound on the move.
3rd Fairburn & Robert’s Cloudside Sunset
4th McCarthy’s Nagshall Sukimac

Animal Health Trust AV Open Stakes
1st Milham’s Shadowshack’s Grand Promise
Really beautiful bitch of lovely type without being overdone. Moved soundly and out well round the ring. In super condition.
2nd Hayes’s Ragus Fabulous Clown SHCM
A super showman, moving out beautifully round the ring. Of nice type with good expression and sound up and down.
3rd Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano