Cesky, Dandi Dinmont, Wire Fox Terrier, West Highland White

Critique Terriers – Gavin Samson
Judge-Gavin Samson
A very hot day at the show so being under cover definitely helped keep the dogs cooler. Thankyou for a well run show.

Cesky terrier.
Junior. 1. JANKSI THEODORE. 7 month old dog. Mid grey and light furnishings. All round well built dog. Friendly expression and dark eyes. Good scissor bite. Well sprung ribs. Definite rise over the loin and keeps the topline on the move. BP

Post Grad. 1. KOMIDION PRIMA DONA OF SAMETOVA. Smart feminine bitch. Very keen expression. Good scissor bite. Nice long skull with ears close to the cheeks. Ribs well sprung and nice topline. Good muscle tone all round. Moved soundly with drive. RBOB.

Open. 1. ASHLEYHEATH’S BLACK THUNDER. Strong and compact masculine dog. Made his presence known as soon as he entered the ring. Good scissor bite. Dark eyes. Long slightly arched skull keeping the blunt triangle shape. Ears carried close to the cheeks. Well laid muscular shoulders. Ribs well sprung with nice cylindrical brisket. Good topline which was held on the move. Muscular rear with a good tail set. Moved confidently with great drive. BOB.
2. KOMIDION NIGHT MUSIC AT SAMETOVA. Strong looking bitch with great muscle tone. Nice long skull. Scissor bite. Good topline with rise over loin. Good tail set. Moved confidently with drive.

Dandie Dinmont terrier.
Junior. 1. CEILMEAR’S TOTAL CHANCER. Very pretty feminine bitch just out of puppy. Strong, we’ll proportioned head with domed skull. Lovely hazel eyes. Ears well back and low. Strong well laid shoulders. Ribs well sprung and low. Nice crisp mustard coat. Moved well and was clearly very happy to be in the ring. RBOB

Post Grad. 1. BARELY LEGAL COCONUT CARAMEL AT CEILMAR (IMP NLD). Very smart, proud looking dog. Strong, well proportioned head with domed skull. Good scissor bite. Big hazel eyes with a friendly expression. Ears well back and low. Muscular neck into strong well laid shoulders. Ribs well sprung and low. Long powerful body. Good tail set. Nice crisp mustard coat. Moved very confidently with great drive. BOB
2. CLOVERWOOD LADY FREYA. Dark pepper bitch. Large head with domed skull. Nice large hazel eyes. Good scissor bite. Low, well sprung ribs. Good tail set. Movement was a little slow so lacked drive compared to class winner.

Wire fox terrier.
Open. 1. BARBIWIRE CONQUEST AT PARKSIDE. 10 yr old dog. Entered the ring with confidence. Nice flat skull topline. Small dark eyes. Nice v shaped ears close to the cheeks. Strong jaw with good scissor bite. Muscular neck into well laid shoulders. Deep chest. Perfect straight legs. Short compact and muscular body. Good topline. Moved very soundly almost like he was on autopilot. BOB.

West highland white terrier.
Post Grad. 1. BRORASTAR MR KYTE. Very enthusiastic dog just out of puppy. Slightly domed skull with dark eyes and nose. Nice large teeth with scissor bite. Well laid shoulders with elbows in. Body short and compact. Nice deep chest. Muscular rear. Tail well set. Moved soundly. Just needs more ring experience. RBOB

Open. 1. THOZOW GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR TARAMOUNT ShCM. Beautiful dog who stood proud in the ring. Good domed skull with thick coat. Dark eyes and nose. Strong jaw with good scissor bite. Good length of neck also well muscled. Shoulders nicely back with elbows in. Strong short forelegs with good coat cover. Strong compact body with level back and nice deep chest. Straight well set tail. Great thick coat with the outer being harsh. Moved with confidence and drive keeping his shape and head held high. BOB.