Boston Terriers, Llasas, Tib. Spaniels, Tib. Terriers

Boston Terrier
P (2)
1st Sandells SHAWMUT I AM ABE LINCOLN Lively young puppy dog, brindle & white, good markings, beautiful square head, good earset, allert dark eyes , good mouth, full of character. BP
2nd Gill SHAWMUT I AM LADY LIBERTY AT SIMBERFOUR Litter sister of 1, black & white, attractive markings with blaze across square head, correct earset, bright dark eyes, legs true, tight feet.

Y (4)
1st Jones DALENAMAG PRISCESS AURORA Very pretty young bitch, pleasing expression, tight flews, impressive in the stand with good top-line front and rear angulation, a little loose on the move but should firm-up with maturity.
2nd Hamlin ROSPARQUIER SMALL TALK FOR DEVONTOBLAZE Young male with excellent markings, correct square head, difficult to assess earset as appeared to be feeling the heat a little, good rear angulation.

PG (5,3 abs)
1st Sandells SHAWMUT MACY’S DAY PARADE Compact and well balanced 3 yr old bitch, good silhouette, excellent head and earset, kindly expression, graceful neck let into well sloping shoulders, nice tuck-up, kept topline on the move, RBOB
2nd Houndslow RIDGEWAY RUM TRUFFLE Stylish young 3 yr old bitch, lighter than some but well put together, good head and earset, excellent paws, moved out well.

0 (6,2) A class of quality exhibits.
1st Sandells JABRIANA DES GARDIENS DU BOIS CLERBAULT AVEC SHAWMUT (IMP FR) Excellent example of breed type with good markings, flat square head, ears well set, even bite, dark eyes, intelligent expression, graceful neck to correct topline, elbows well under, hocks set low, moved with surefooted grace. Well handled. BOB
2nd Avent RIDGEWAY REVELATION AT SUENO ScCM A beautiful compact bitch of calm demeanor, kind expression on lovely head, elegant neck, good topline and tailset, moved true out and back. An accomplished show girl.

Lhasa Apso
PG (1,1)
1st Gillman ABSCARRYTEE SHADOWMASTER WITH MYTILENE Well balanced puppy in excellent condition, good head with correct muzzle, good bite, black nose, strong neck to well-angulated shoulder, level topline, elbows tight to brisket, strong loin, exceptionally well- muscled hind quarters, moved freely out and back. BP

O (1,1)
1st Gillman COSSY’S STAR ATTRACTION VIA MYTILENE JW Immaculately presented young bitch, well furnished with gold topcoat, correct head framed by well feathered ears, dark intelligent eyes, well laid shoulders, strong body with level topline, good rear angulation with well-developed first & second thighs, hocks parallel, well feathered feet, did not disappoint on the move, free and rhythmic with perfect tracking, handled at just the right speed to show her off. A well-deserved BOB

Tibetan Spaniel

J (1)
1st Turner LYDANSTONE BETSAN FOR TURCEL Attractive young puppy bitch, nicely marked, correct slightly domed head, free of wrinkle, with blunt muzzle and black nose, expressive brown eyes, good confirmation, correct hare feet, moved out nicely. BP

PG (3)
1st Springett RHUBISK LEDGEND IN GOLD FOR PAWPRINTS Handsome 18 month dog, nice head framed by well feathered ears, bright intelligent eyes, skull and muzzle in correct proportion, good forequarters with well laid shoulders, level topline, good rear angulation, well-padded paws, silky topcoat, well- furnished front and rear, richly plumed tail. RBOB
2nd Whitehead RHUBISK NEALA PURE MAGIC Litter sister to 1, close between 1 and 2, could easily change places, excellent head/muzzle, angulation, topline and tailset, just preferred movement of 1 on the day.

O (3)
1st Springett RHUBISK DESIGNED IN GOLD FOR PAWPRINTS Strikingly attractive 4 yr old dog, proud and assertive in the stand, excellent silhouette with good head carriage, neck, topline and tailset, blunt muzzle with good dentition, well laid shoulders, level topline with ribs carried well back, nice tuckup, good angulation to well- furnished rear, richly plumed tail set high completed the picture. Moved positive and true. Pleased to award him BOB
2nd Whitehead RHUBISK NUALA SUGAR N’SPICE 18 month bitch of excellent make and type, beautiful coat, well feathered ears and tail, well-furnished front and rear, nice head with clear expressive eyes and good earset, level body with good spring of rib, nice tuckup, lively on the move, a credit to her owner.

Tibetan Terrier

J (6,2)
1st Plummer & Bingham SILGARHI HOLY SMOKE Bright and friendly young puppy with plenty of personality, attractive markings, balanced construction with proudly carried head, level topline, excellent front and rear angulation, elbows to brisket, legs straight and parallel when viewed from the rear, hocks well let down, correct tailset, good head and muzzle, bright expressive dark eyes, good feet, moved out well for one so young. Please to award him BP and delighted he achieved PG1 under judge Jackie Kitchener and RBPIS under judge Sue Wilkinson. One to watch.
2nd Andrews LASANG MR IVOR HARDY Puppy dog, lively and playful just as a puppy should be, twinkling dark eyes, good skull / muzzle, excellent construction throughout, good topline and tailset,
very lively on the move, has a bright future I’m sure.

PG (7)
1st Andrews LASANG OOPS I DID IT AGAIN Pretty bitch just out of puppy, excellent construction with good profile, angulation and tailset, pleasing head and expression, fine dentition, moved very well. RBOB
2nd Cherry LYNCES MADE IN HEAVEN 19 month old bitch of good type, not overdone in any way, lovely outline, good shoulders, elbows tucked in to brisket, level topline, good rear angulation, excellent tailset, very good on the move. These two could easily change places on another day.

O (8,2)
1st Plummer TETSIKARMA LOLA STARGIRL Nice bitch of calm demeanor, Good head muzzle and dentition, pleasant face framed by well set ears, good lay of shoulder, good muscle tone, ribbed well back, well angulated rear, stood well down on pads, good tailset carried in gay curl over the back. Excellent movement, free with good reach and drive, true out and back. BOB
2nd Russel RUSMAR HOT AND STEAMY Attractively marked dog presented in excellent condition, lovely coat, good head, well angulated front, well-furnished forelegs, well-padded feet, level topline, strong loin, lovely tail. Just preferred the movement of 1 on the day.

Judge John Moate