BIS, Imp. Reg,Borzoi,Deerhound,Greyhound,Saluki,Airedale,Keeshond,Stakes

Critique BIS etc. Judge Sue Wilkinson
I should like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this very well run show.
The weather was exceptionally hot, but all the dogs and owners managed to cope.
J 1
1ST Smithurst Arkosligeti Kocos Nekeresd Hungarian Pumi with a good head , and well carried ears, dark eye, well made front, and well bodied, shown in good coat, full of mischief, when concentrating he moved out well.
PG 3 (1)
1st Ford and Russell Rollenwood Tlalli for Setrique Xoloitzcuintle 19 months feminine in head, and good expression, good bone and feet, well held level topline, excellent condition, moved well and expertly handled.
2nd Smithurst St Johns Beszti Annabella Hungarian Kuvasv of 16 months, pleasing head, well off for bone, and good feet, nicely bodied up with good muscle tone, a very promising youngster, just needs to show herself off more to advantage.
Open 2
Liked both of these dogs, just felt winner had the edge on movement today
1st Dando’s Naughty Boris Van T Weimeland (imp Bel) 3 year old Slovakian Rough Coated pointer presented in excellent condition, handsome head, good expression, good jacket, well arched neck, good spring of rib, well muscled hindquarters, covered the ground well BOB
2nd Dennis Bailey of Sereno Spirit (imp Esp) White Swiss Shepherd , shown in fantastic condition and coat, pleasing head and expression, dark eye, good front construction, well laid shoulder, strong hindquarters, , just not as positive on the move as winner today.
Nicholls Bahaticca’s Inferno for Shyllar (imp Pol) Very smart Basenji, good head and ear carriage, good reach of neck into correct topline, good muscle tone, with well set tail, trotted out beautifully. BOB
PG 2(1)
1st Rimell’s Donskoi Vesna at Borodino Red and White , noble head of good length, well filled forechest, good bone and hind hare feet, nice reach of neck, well balanced, long thigh with well developed second thigh, good width through stifle, well let down hocks , kindly handled and in good coat.
Open 2(1)
1st Andrew and Putt’s Dolsaca Macchiato loved this boy for type, classic head, dark eye and true sighthound expression, super coat, and well muscled all through. Deep brisket, good tuck up, good bone and low set tail. He moved out well. Finished with a really good silky coat. BOB

PG 2(1)
1st Jansons Nixophel Crystal Rose very pretty youngster, lovely head with faraway expression, rose ears, good bite, strong straight bone and compact feet. Nicely arched neck and correct tuck up, well muscled and moved with a light and easy gait. Shown in good coat.
1st Jansons Nixophel Carnelian Red, litter brother to Crystal Rose, he has similar attributes, pleasing head and expression, good bone and feet, good width through stifle, and well muscled hindquarters , well defined tuck up…more mature in body than his sister, moved out really well. BOB
1st Holder and HoweCh Boughton Blakeney ShCM what an impressive hound, full of quality, lovely head of good proportions, steady far away gaze, strongly made all through, excellent lay of shoulder into good topline. Arched neck, well muscled hindquarters, beautifully presented and moved to advantage. BOB
PG 1
1st Jowitt Barleymoon Ankaa 2 year old black fringed fawn, of lovely type, loved her head and expression, good ear set, and eye colour, good reach of neck into well held topline, nicely arched loin, good bone and feet , good muscle tone, and presented in good coat, moved with an easy gait.
Open 3(1)
1st Martin Canerikie Vivaldi for Stalwart JW ShCM Rising 2 year old cream he really impressed me with his overall balance and quality, handsome head, good neck carriage and well off for bone and excellent feet, well muscled, shown in great condition, effortless movement, BOB
2nd Jowitt Canapus Mistral under Barleymoon (imp nld) Very feminine bitch, black fringed fawn sweet head and expression, nicely balanced all through, good coat, not the presence of winner and not so positive on the move.
Open 1
1st Brown’s Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceainaire ShCM Very aptly named bitch, fabulous type, super head and keen expression, presented to perfection, muscular neck, and good lay of shoulder, short stong back, well bodied up, good balance front and rear, super mover..a lovely terrier BOB
PG 2(1)
1ST Axford and Sherwood Lilli Marlina 19 month old with a pretty head and expression ,dark eye , well presented losing a little coat at the moment, but nicely bodied good tail set, and bone and feet, moved out well.BOB

1ST Willcock Dynar First Love, strong class but for me this 7 month old Samoyed stood out, lovely expression and darkest of eyes, very well balanced, good front and rear construction, super coat and condition, and she moved out well.
2nd Plummer and Bingham Silgarhi Holy Smoke a very good Tibetan Terrier pup of 7 months, good head and expression, good reach of neck and excellent topline, nicely muscled for age, liked the angulation front and rear, shown in excellent coat, and another good moving puppy, delighted to award him Res BPIS later in the day
3rd Roberts Byphar Bombay Sapphire Pointer
Another really good class
1st Bowen-Brooks Tenshilling Blowin Smoke 14 month old Pointer quality dog with a handsome head and dark eye, strong arched neck, good front and strong straight bone and tight feet. Excellent topline, well muscled , shown in excellent condition, powerful stride.
2nd Brooks and Cairns Corursus Life can be so nice JW French Bulldog of 21 months, loved her for type, pleasing head, nicely balanced front and rear, moved out well and gleaming coat.
3rd Beer and Tilley Miracey Sea of love for Tilbe Shih Tzu
Spoilt for choice, so many lovely dogs
1st Linkenlees Lyric ShCM Beagle of 22 months a really lovely bitch, feminine head, and good ear placement, well arched neck into good topline, good lay of shoulder, and fill of forechest, excellent tail carriage, moved true out and back
2nd Longhurst Zoraden Carrera at Abbeyhurst quality Whippet bitch, so beautifully handled and presented, kind head and dark eye, good reach of neck , good bone and tight feet, good balance front and rear, moved out well.
3rd Cullen and Gregg Philoma Ms Kalifornia Giant Schnauzer
A really lovely class to judge, full of veterans in good health and condition and still enjoying their time back in the ring..wished I had more cards.
1st Deering Rosetimber Foxy Breeze English Setter of 8 years in fine shape , lovely feminine head, well arched neck and good shoulder placement, keeps her topline on the move, super coat, a credit to her owner.
2nd Holland and Lees Ch Ir Ch Lafford Trade Marc ShCM super Maltese terrier of eleven years, excellent coat groomed to perfection, beautifully balanced, good head and eye colour, moved out well.
3rd Lamb and Saltmarsh Birselaw Fable of Macmoon ShCM Ir Vet Ch Cairn Terrier

A real honour to judge Best in show and I commend my fellow judges for sending forward good examples from each group adults, puppies and veterans.
Best in show was Loakes Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM English Setter at under 2 years of age she has all before her, for me she has such quality from her beautiful head to the tip of her well set tail, good bone, deep brisket, and well muscled all through, she moved with purpose and drive, finished off with a gleaming coat.
Reserve Best in show Kirkwood Draxpark Lots to like a very aptly named Giant Schnauzer, pleasing head, well arched neck and good shoulders, well made front and rear, super coat, and showed and moved to perfection.
Best puppy in show Fitgerald Immelion Galactica for Beaugem I really liked this Havanese of 9 months, pretty head, with good eye shape, very balanced, well bodied, profuse coat, good tail set, showed herself off with her free and easy movement.
Res Best puppy in show Plummer and Bingham Silgarhi Holy Smoke,Tibetan Terrier, loved this puppy in the stakes class , she went even better for BPIS, lovely type and movement, a promising future for both these pups.
Best Veteran in show some really good dogs
BVIS Sh Ch Reedmace Sweetbriar Floss for Elgert JW ShCM (imp NLD) Field spaniel aged 7, shown in great condition . Pleasing head and expression, good eye colour and ear set, strong neck, good lay of shoulder and muscular hindquarters, well presented and really drove around the ring.

Sue Wilkinson (Judge) 4 July 2018