Bearded Collies

Critique for Bearded Collies Judge Miss Claire Bowden
Bearded Collie Miss Claire Bowden (Subessen)
Puppy 3 (2 absent)
1. Miss J C Port Scottsdale X-Factor (IMP DEU)
6 month old who enjoyed his first time in the ring, and when settled on the move showed good movement, covering the ground well. Correct bite but waiting for eye to tone with coat.  
Yearling 1
1. Anderson Mr B J & Mrs L M Brodarty Barleysugar at Bobsacres
Young girl with good head and lovely sweet expression. Correct front angulation with good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good height to length proportions. Unsettled on the move but improved to show good ground covering.
Post Graduate 3
1. Davies & Fear Mesdames C & M J Ceilmear’s Royal Marine
Good sized masculine head with correct bite and pleasing expression. Nice depth of chest and length of rib providing length of body. Covered ground nicely on the move. Plainly marked with good quality coat. RBOB
2. Fear Mr. M & Mrs M.J. Ceilmears Harris Tweed
Another boy who moved nicely maintaining a level topline. Good head, eye toning with coat. Good front angulation and nice length of body coming from ribs.
Open 3 (2)
1. Davies & Fear Mesdames C & M J Ceilmear Four Leaf Clover
4 year old dark slate bitch who moved effortlessly, covering the ground with her long stride and maintaining her level top line. Lovely expression with dark eyes matching her coat which is of good quality. Correct bite, good pigmentation, nice long neck into good lay of shoulders with matching front and rear angulation. Clearly well exercised with great muscle tone, a lean and active dog who could do a day’s work. BOB
2. Mrs C & Mrs J Lewry & Lewis Potterdale Magic Dust ShCM
Lovely strong head with typical Beardie expression, correct bite and good pigmentation. Good front and rear angulation, with length of body from deep well sprung ribs. Heavier coat of good texture, but I think the heat got to him as he was not always settled on the move.