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Critique Jackie Kitchener – Utilities
It is several years since I last judged at a General Open show and it must be nearly 25 years when I last visited Ardingley, how little has changed in that time. Regretfully not big entries in my breeds which was disappointing, but some quality dogs competed on the day which made it worthwhile.
AV Utility Veteran (5)
1 Nicholls’ KABU SHINE THRU SHYLLAR. Impressive and upstanding 9 year old Akita, really typy and well balanced and shown in wonderful coat and muscular condition. Good head and expression, strong topline, arched neck and lovely body conformation . A powerful and sound mover and an attentive showman. Headed a very nice class of high quality dogs.
2 Cherry’s CH LYNCES DIAMONDS & PEARLS JW ShCM. Tibetan Terrier I have awarded a CC before, now 8 years. Still greatly admire her squareness and balance, so typical in head and expression, well made with excellent angles and she still shows good reach, drive and carriage on the move . Sad to put her second but the Akita could not be denied on the day.
O (2)
1 Nicholls’ TRAVISTOCK WAR LORD FOR SHYLLAR. Excellent bone and tight feet, strong in pastern and shown in good coat and muscular condition. Typical wedge head, dark clean eye and well set ears which he uses well. Good neckline and powerful loin. Good sound mover from correct angulations front and rear. BOB and Gr4
2 Rennison’s OVERHILL WREN THOR CHILLI. Pleasing in head and expression, appears lacking in body and condition but actually is covered well, she is just completely lacking in coat at the moment. Would prefer tighter feet and tending to over extend in rear action today.
P (4, 2)
1 Vaughan’s ODINSCHILD VIOLET PRINCE. 11 months, square head with good layback and upturn in jaw, rose ears and good width in the jaw. Correct neck, tacked on shoulders and lovely bone and feet, very square in front and also has balanced side profile with correct topline and tuck up. Nicely waisted and good hindquarters which were well muscled. Active mover with correct footfall, keeping his width in front. He was still showing his heart out at the end of a long and hot day in the Puppy Group where he was PG2. BP and BOB
2 Anscombe’s ODINSCHILD VIOLET WARRIOR. Litter brother to 1, lower to ground and heavier in head, clean dark eyes, good wide jaw and upturn, capacious chest and good waistline, not the movement or front of 1.
Y (2)
1 Weller’s BAALZEBUL DIAMOND CLARITY FOR GEENAWELL. Nice size and square in front, pleasing head with width in jaw , clean eyes and rose ears, correct neck, shoulder and feet. Clean topline with good waist and correct roach and tuckup. Positive mover.
2 Hayes’ PEPTENBULLS BORN TO LOVE YOU AT PELHAMDREAM. Larger and heavier all through, clean eyes, rose ears and good upturn, would prefer less wrinkle. Correct roach and tuck up, well waisted and good hindquarters. Moved OK but very unsettled and not really giving of her best today.
PG (4)
1 Vaughan’s ODINSCHILD VIOLET PRINCESS, very nice in head with well set rose ears, good layback and upturn, sour expression, good front and shoulders with neat typical feet. Lovely tail and a good topline. Not as square in front or off the ground as her brother, but won the class with typical footfall on the move and more importantly holding her width in front over 2, but a close decision here.
2 Weller’s BAALZEBULS CONSTANCE FOR GEENAWELL. Many of the same remarks apply, good head properties, correct shoulder, neck and outline and that elusive straight tail. Two nice quality bitches with little to separate them, just lost out on front action today.
O (2,1)
1 Anscombe’s GEENAWELL MR BUMBLE. Fourth in PG, heavier and much larger type all through and rather loosely put together, splaying his feet and tending to lean forwards onto the forehand. Decent head with good layback, width to jaw and rose ears, very well ribbed with correct roach and tuck up, strong muscular hindquarters and an active mover.
J (2)
1 Timms & Parr’s EASTONITE MAUI. Smart fawn who has a lovely profile and is of good size and very nice type. Good square head with correct muzzle and skull, clean dark eyes, would like his ears larger which just spoilt his expression for me. Clean body lines and correct front and rear angulations with nothing overdone and a well schooled showman.
2 Hau’s CELTICLIBRID STOP N S’DARE. 10 mths bitch, petite with a nice head and expression, using her well set bat ears to advantage. Good topline and front, moved well.
PG (4)
1 Brooks & Cairns’ CORURSUS LIFE CAN BE SO NICE JW. Liked this one for her overall balance and femininity. Lovely head, eye, ears and expression, good neckline and front, neat feet and correct topline with sufficient hind angulation to give her purposeful movement without being overdone. BOB
2 Timms & Parr’s IZUMIS EYE OF THE TIGER. Bigger male, decent head, dark clean eye and well set ears which he uses well, and in truth preferred 3 for type, however felt this one was much more correct and stronger in the hindquarters and in action today.
O (4, 2)
2 Timms & Parr’s EASTONITE LADY LEIA. 12 months and of nice type and good size, lovely head and expression, good neckline and front, well ribbed up with correct topline. Would like better angulation and needs to develop more strength behind.

PG (1)
1 Chambers’ MUSIQUE QUILO. Smart and typical, very pretty in head with good shape and proportions in skull, well set ears and alert expression. Good pigmentation and mouth, straight front and well developed in rib. Nice size and an active sound mover. Shown in lovely coat and condition. BOB
J (1) Barnes & King’s IZLOU WALNUT FORGET ME. 10 month black bitch in good coat, attentive showgirl and uses herself well. Good head and eye, tight neat feet and good front, good neckline and muscular loin, correctly angulated hindquarters with strong hocks. Moves very briskly with a great attitude.
PG (2)
1 Barnes & King’s SPELLCAST TALK WITH ME BY IZLOU. Shaded cream, nice head and eye, well set ears and lovely expression. Well ribbed with a good front and level topline. Rather wild and abundant in coat which makes her appear roachy but she isn’t. Sound brisk mover.
2 Barnes & King’s SPELLCAST SPEAKS FOR ITSELF BY IZLOU. A rather muddy colour, typical in head with good eye and ear set, pigmentation a little off which spoils her expression. Nicely balanced and of good type, rather steep in shoulder and could not match 1 on the move up and back today.
O (2)
1 Barnes & King’s CH SPELLCAST TALK TO DA TAIL ShCM. Really well balanced and typy cream, liked her head and expression, excellent pigment, good bone and feet, very well constructed in front and hindquarters, all put together in a compact tightly knit package by a short, well muscled and deeply ribbed body. In lovely coat and condition. Sound precise mover holding herself with attitude, attentive showgirl and up on her toes throughout. BOB and Group 1.
2 Chambers’ MUSIQUE AZLAN. Lovely type, size and sound in conformation with good head and showing well. Nicely up on leg and well ribbed, brisk accurate mover. Standing alongside another lovely example of the breed today just emphasized his lack of coat and could not match 1 in front construction.
PG (1) Chester’s CAMYLAW SHINING LIGHT. Sympathetically handled by a young man who clearly has a great rapport with this bitch, correct wedge head, dark well shaped eye, good neckline and carries herself well. Well ribbed up with strong couplings and good hindquarters. In good coat and condition. Energetic and brisk on the move.

O (2)
1 Chester’s CH. DEVEERBAR MORNING GLORY OF CAMYLAW. 9 years old but still in great body, coat and muscular condition. Lovely and very typical in head and eye, using his well placed ears well, good deep ribcage and short muscular loin. Good bone, straight front and neat feet. Moving soundly with easy light gait and great showmanship. BOB
2 Chester’s CHEZZAY’S MORNING MIST AT CAMYLAW. Nice head and eye, well balanced and nicely bodied with good bone and ribbing but a tad shy so not making the most of herself today. Sound mover but somewhat outclassed by her kennelmate.
O (1) Cheatham’s ARADET ACTION MAN ShCM. Lovely type and size, compact well made body with a good outline and carrying a good coat which positively gleamed with wellbeing. Nice head and eye, his ears are a tad close together which spoiled his expression for me. Brisk accurate mover. BOB
2 Boston Terrier JABRIANA DES GARDIENS DU BOIS CLERBAULT AVEC SHAWMUT (Imp). Very smart and in gleaming coat, good square head and keen expression, clean topline with good shoulder, bone and feet, well ribbed and short coupled with balanced angulations. Straight mover and great showmanship.
3 Standard Poodle SOMANIC SPECTRE FOR JASPALIE. One I done well before, still admire him a great deal but he is strong willed and was a tad wayward today. Lovely for type and beautifully turned out, sound mover when he settles with great style and attitude.
1 Tibetan Terrier SILGARHI HOLY SMOKE. Square and of nice size. Good head and neck, front, feet and well balanced angulations. Showed well and moved smoothly with good reach and drive holding his outline.
2 Bulldog ODINSCHILD VIOLET PRINCE, still showing his heart out after a long day in the heat, lovely boy full of character.
3 Min Schnauzer MARNIMICA MIX ‘N’ MATCH. Smart and ideal for size, short coupled and carrying a good head with neat ears on a clean nicely arched neck. Keen expression and attentive showman, sound mover carrying himself well.
4 German Spitz (Mittel) IZLOU WALNUT FORGET ME