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Eastbourne & District Canine Society, 26th June, 2022

American Cockers

Junior (1)

1st Collis’s Jaclee Golden Touch.  12 month B. Lovely head developing, good length of neck; nice topline on the move with good tail set. Promising young lady, just need time to settle RBB

Open (1)

Walden’s Truly Yours Clear Magic for Taramount (Imp Dnk). 3 year old B. Lovely head, with good teeth and clean neck.  Well boned with good overall conformation. Strong well boned legs with good driving movement. BOB

Clumber Spaniels

PGrad (2)

1st Thorogood’s Anbrook Don’t stop me now at Harrifield.  2 year old D. Lovely head proportions square muzzle with well developed flews and good vine shaped ears. Good overall conformation. Lovely movement, strong hindquarters with lovely rolling gait. BOB

2nd Goodsell’s Whissgig Lavender. 13 month old B. Lovely head with good ear set.  Settled down and moved well.

1st Goodsell’s Pleniflorus Alexandra. 2.5 year old B. Lovely head planes and nicely shaped ears; good strong bone; moved well. RBOB

English Springer Spaniels

Puppy (1)

1st Walker’s Dexbenella Double Oh Seven. 10 month old D. Lovely lively puppy enjoying his day out. Head developing nicely with good ear set; clean neck; moved well when settled.

Junior (3) (1 abs)

1st Walker’s Dexbenella Double Oh Seven

2nd Wilson’s Kingheath Kushida at Cassapple. 13 month B with pretty feminine head; lovely outline with clean neck; just preferred the topline of 1st Place winner.

Post Grad (3)

1st Rowlinson’s Meltarose Midshipman. 2.5 year old D.  Lovely head planes with good ear set and nice length of neck. Good angulations and tail set .RBoB

2nd Walker’s Dexbenella Double take. 10 month B. Litter sister to 1st Place Puppy. Lovely well proportioned head with good ear set. Good depth of chest and nicely covered. Moved well. Best Puppy. Very pleased to see she took G1 Gun dog Puppy.

Open (2)

1st Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium JW.  5 year old B. Lovely head, good teeth and nice ear set. Lovely shoulder and rear angulations, moved well with drive. BOB

2nd Charlton’s Petranella Jubilee Jester.  Beautiful 10 year old veteran D.  Still moving well at his age; lovely head with gentle expression; strong neck, lovely bone and good overall conformation.

Field Spaniels

Post Graduate 5 (2)

1st Bowen’s Clandrift Destiny.  2 year old B. Nicely proportioned head with gentle eye; good length of foreface and ear set.  Well sprung ribs; nice angulations, moved well.RBOB

2nd Osborn’s Elgert Back to the Future; 12 month D.  Lovely head with good shape of eye. With nice overall conformation. Young lad developing well.

Open (2)

1st Tye’s Sh Ch Thandiwe last Tango of Tymora ShCM.  10 year old Veteran D. Lovely head planes, good overall conformation; lovely angulations and still moving well around the ring. BOB

2nd Bowen’s Kingsmist Rose at Clandrift. 6 year old B.  lovely head with gentle expression and good ear set.  Good overall conformation and movement.

Sussex Spaniels (1)


1st Daniels’ Ivcar into the Woods. 3.5 year old D.  Good strong head with well developed nostril and lovely hazel eyes giving a gentle expression. Strong bone and muscle with short legs giving good driving movement.  BOB

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Puppy (2)

1st Stone’s Kidenoan Mark Time for Merrem.  8 month old D. Lovely head with gentle eye and good ear set.  Lovely neck with nice shoulders; good bone developing. Moved well.  BP and delighted to see he gained G4 in Gun dog Puppy Group.

2nd Batey’s Glenbrows Best of Friends.  10 month old D. Another promising puppy with lovely proportioned head. Good bone developing.  Little unsettled today on the move with his head down, preferring to scent the grass.

Yearling (1)

1st Bennetts’ Cerysan Crusader. 15 month D.  Another promising young lad.  Strong head with nice ear set; lovely bone developing with good depth of chest and good angulations; lovely overall conformation; moved well.

Post Graduate (1)

1st Gough’s Julita Rukester; 6 year old D.  Lovely well proportioned head with strong neck flowing into well angulated shoulders.  Good depth of chest; moved well around the ring with drive; lovely topline and tail set. RBOB

Open (4)

1st Revill & Monday’s Julita Ryveeta JW.  3.5 year old B. shown in peak condition. Pretty feminine head with lovely eye giving good expression; good ear set and clean neck.  BOB

2nd Woodham’s Glynell Jiffy. 6.5 year old D.  Lovely strong bone, well proportioned head with good ear set. Good shoulder and rear angulations with good topline. Moved well. 

AV Pastoral Veteran 4 (3)

1st Nolcini’s Ch Broadmaynes Eclipse to Nolmacdon JW ShCM ShCEx.VW. 9 year old GSD D. Beautifully proportioned head with good length of foreface.  Lovely neck, good depth of chest and good bone. Shown in excellent condition.

AVNSC Pastoral

Junior (2)

1st Kirkwood’s Schnaubern Droco Star. 10 month Hungarian Pumi D. Lovely head and good textured coat. Wavy and curly top coat with soft undercoat.   Ears set on high with upper third bending forward.  Nice square outline;  Muscles developing well; nice topline – moved well. Best AVNSC Pastoral Puppy

2nd Stuhldreer’s Pumiden Miep Gies for Widowmaker. 10 months Hungaria Pumi B. Lovely ear set and balanced head with medium length neck. Muscles developing nicely. Moved well.

Open (1)

1st Corin and Camm’s Kligenthal Almuric 2.5 year old Norwegian Buhund D. Lightly built with square outline;  Nice wedge shaped head narrowing nicely towards nose with medium length muzzle. Good scissor bite.  Deep chest with good ribs; light active movement with good topline and tail curled and carried over back. Best AVNSC Pastoral

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral

Open (2)

1st Leadbeater’s Casta Spell The Winter Souls (IMP ESP) 2 years 10mth White Swiss Shepherd Dog D. Lovely balanced head with erect ears.  Dark medium sized eyes contrasting the white coat. Good scissor bite; lovely temperament. Lovely balanced overall conformation with good topline – moved with drive. Best AV Imported Breed Register;  went on to gain G1 Pastoral Group and BIS.

2nd Milham’s Shadowshack’s all Bliss; 9 month White Swiss Shepherd Dog B.  Lovely feminine head with dark eye and erect ears. Good overall conformation, developing well. Moved well – good topline. Res.Best AV Imported Breed Register and BP.

AV Minor Puppy 27 (16)

1st Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren.  6 month fawn Great Dane D.  Lovely  length of fore face with dark mask.  Lovely strong neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest. Good topline – lovely movement. Promising young lad.

2nd Barnes and King’s Izlou Gossip Girl – 7 month German Spitz (Mittel)  Beautiful head with lovely expression;  short coupled with square outline;  good scissor bite; good movement with tail curled over back.

AV Puppy 27 (15)

1st Walkers’ Dexbenella Double Oh Seven (1st place Puppy and Junior ESS)

2nd Perren and Welch’s Evaluna Chasing Rainbows with Hookwood 10 month Pointer B.  Lovely head, well placed shoulders, good overall conformation; moved with drive.

AV Special Beginners 46 (26)

1st Fillery-Hammond’s Wavesong’s Chasing Rainbows – 12 month Shetland Sheepdog D.  Lovely well proportioned head with good ear set and intelligent expression;  lovely movement.

2nd Robert’s Medogol black Betty by Kananaskis 5 year old Pointer B. Lovely head planes, good topline and nice angulations; moved well with drive.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme 31 (14)

1st Jolley’s Marsabit Tinkerbell for Leititia  12 month old Golden Retriever B.  lovely well proportioned head with good ear set and gentle expression.  Good overall conformation with good angulations – moved well.

2nd Horlers’ Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens JW. 4 year old Gordon Setter D. Lovely head proportions;  good length of neck and well placed shoulders; good topline – moved well with drive

Helen Hankins (Woodelrond)