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Eastbourne & District Canine Society
Premier Open Show
Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this super show, great atmosphere. Thanks to my steward for her hard work throughout the day & many thanks the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs.
Alaskan Malamute
Junior 1 (1)
Post Grad – no entires
Open – no entries
Great Dane
Junior 2 (0)
Cranfield’s – Zefather’s Ralph Lauren – 6/12 fawn dog who took my eye as he entered the ring. Everything in the right place, super outline which he held on the move. Very pleased to award him both Best Puppy & BOB
Hayter’s. – Ozzy Osbourne Di StellaArdens NAF – black mantle, courser in head than 1& not as balanced all through.
Post Grad – no entries
Open 3 (1)
Cranfield’s – Zefather’s Rumour Has It – fawn bitch with pleasing head of good proportions. Long well arched neck set on good lay of shoulder. Balanced front & rear assembly. Ribs deep, well sprung, back & loin strong. Moved well, would like to see her when she’s in full coat. Res. BOB
Kelleway’s – Damarkann Raydiance With Stevarah – black mantle bitch eyes not quite so appealing as 1 & a little shorter in upper arm, hence not the front reach of 1.
Siberian Husky
Junior 1(0)
Simms – Surarka’s Angelica At Arcticskies – 12 month old bitch who stood alone but was certainly worthy of her first place. Feminine head of pleasing proportions & foxlike appearance. Nicely arched neck onto well laid shoulders. Balanced front & rear assembly, level topline, good chest with strong loin. Light, free movement with super reach & drive.
Post Grad 2(1)
1. Cruttenden’s – Siberiadrift Secret Dreams – feminine expressive head, arched neck set on pleasing front assembly. Level topline, clean outline. Balanced throughout, moved out well.
Open 2(0)
Simms – Over The Rainbow Des Sarmentins At Arcticskies JW (Imp Fra) – masculine head, good proportions, ear set & expression. Arched neck onto good lay of shoulder, deep well sprung rib and well muscled, arched loin. Moved well. BOB
Cruttenden’s – Nativespirit’s Legacy – not so strongly made as 1. Pleasing head & expression, nice overall outline not as steady as1 on the move.
Australian Shepherd
Junior – no entries
Post Grad. 2(1)
Bassett’s – Dialynne Leave Your Mark At Starlink – red & white bitch with feminine head, balanced front & rear assembly. Unfortunately very unsettled but saw glimpses of reach & drive. RBOB
Open 2(0)
Spenceley’s – Quilters Kingfisher – blue Merle male with pleasing outline. Strong masculine head with correct eye, pigment & bite. Balanced throughout with deep, well sprung ribs, strong loin. All in good coat & covered the ground well. BOB
Bassett’s – Trijem Star Of The Snow At Starlink – feminine head of pleasing proportions, good eye & pigment well laid shoulder but preferred the upper arm & reach of 1.
Border Collie
Puppy 3(1)
Domotori’s – Lucky For You Ritmo De La Notche TAF ( IMP HUN) – 7 month male lovely outline with no exaggeration. Balanced throughout. Adequate reach of neck set on well placed shoulders & parallel front. Ribs deep & well sprung. Good topline & well angulated rear. Effortless on the move.
Bartlett’s – Cwnhapus Celestial Beauty – very striking & lots to like but front needs to tighten. Great reach & drive from side gait.
Yearling 2(1)
Morgan’s – German Moët Ice Imperial At Darkquest – just a year old, hitting the adolescent stage & somewhat unsettled. Head maturing with good reach of neck. Balanced front & rear. Rather excited on the move.
Post Graduate 2(1)
Domotori’s – Lucky For You Wesley JW (IMP HUN) – red/white male. Handsome headpiece of correct proportions, good eye/pigment & bite. Neck flowed into good front assembly, good depth & spring of rib. Well set tail. Moved well with pleasing reach & drive. RBOB
Open 3(2)
Hatfield’s – Moshanta May Contain Nuts JW – black/white male with lots to like. Balanced throughout & in good coat. Covered the ground positively with good reach & drive. BOB
Junior 1(0)
Webb’s – Barronoaks Etta Bagel – junior female with correct proportions throughout. Pleasing outline on stand which she maintained on the move, completed with quality coat. BOB
Post Grad – no entries
Open 1(1)
Rough Collie
Puppy – no entries
Yearling – no entries
Post Grad. 1(0)
Eardley’s – Aqualita Miss Moneypenny – female with feminine head, good eye & expression. Balanced front / rear angulation. In good coat. BOB
Open – no entries
Finnish Lapphunds
Junior 4(2)
Pelling’s – Tabanyaruu Aurora Ahkera – 6 month female with strong, feminine head of correct proportions, good eye / pigment / bite & ears well set. Strong neck set on balanced front assembly, well boned parallel front & good forechest. Balanced rear, slightly sloping croup & neat hocks. Lovely picture on stand & certainly didn’t disappoint on the move. So pleased to award her RBOB, BP & Pastoral Puppy Group 1.
Moore’s – Morval Soturi(AI) – 14/12 male, preferred overall head proportions on 1. Balanced front & rear angles, strong muscular thighs & low hocks. Little unsettled on the move.
Post Grad – 9(5)
Moore’s – Morval Soturi(AI) – more settled on the move.
Graystone’s – Keskiyo Kohtalo – 6 yr old bitch with pleasing head proportions, good eye/ pigment/ bite. Balanced fore / aft. Good rib & level topline, brisk & agile on the move.
Lock’s – Pikkuihme Tahtipoly
Open 5(2)
Lock’s – Ch. Bridus Pikkumimmi JW – a veteran lady but still looking very much the part. Feminine head, well balanced with good eye/ears / pigment & bite. Strong neck set on pleasing front assembly balanced rear. Pleasing rib/ forechest, level topline covered in good coat. Neat hocks providing effortless, brisk movement. BOB & Pastoral Gp 4
Graystone’s – Morval Helena Keiju – another lovely bitch with pleasing proportions & balanced throughout. Just preferred rear on 1.
Snowden’s – Pikkuihme Kuutytto.
Pastoral Group
Leadbeater’s Casta Spell The Winter Souls (IMP ESP) – White Swiss Shepherd Dog – this male dog took my eye as he entered the ring & certainly didn’t disappoint on going over. Wedge shaped head with clean lines. Well angulation fore/aft, strong & muscular with level topline, strong firm hocks, thick coated, low set tail. Moved effortlessly around the ring.
So pleased to see him go BIS.
2. Straw’s – Dukeson Laced With Magic – Shetland Sheepdog
3. Reeves’ – Domberg New Scandel – Tervueren
4. Lock’s – Ch. Bridus Pikkumimmi JW – Finnish Lapphund
Pastoral Puppy Group
Pelling’s – Tabanyaruu Aurora Ahkera – Finnish Lapphund
Diplock’s – Lago Vom Huhnegrab – GSD
Carr’s – Domotori’s – Lucky For You Ritmo De La Notche TAF ( IMP HUN) – Border Collie
Kirkwood’s – Schnaubern Draco Star – Hungarian Pumi
Reserve BOB
1. Pelling’s – Tabanyaruu Aurora Ahkera – Finnish Lapphund
2. Domotori’s – Lucky For You Wesley JW (IMP HUN)
3. Cheal’s – Carolelen Call My Bluff – Shetland Sheepdog
4. Finch’s – Kalkasi Chasing Rainbows – PMD
Judge : Maureen Betts