Afghan Results, Open Show 2022

Judging Report for Eastbourne & District Canine Society’s Premier Open Show Sunday June 26th 2022.

Afghan Hounds

Thank you to Eastbourne & District Canine Society for inviting me to judge Afghan Hounds at their Premier Open Show, with special thanks to Kerrie Godden and the Committee for making me feel so welcome at this well-run show.

Puppy:  (0)

Yearling: (5, 2)  1. Parsons’ Ayoubkhan Honeysuckle to Shukriya – exquisite self-masked cream bitch of 14 months, who headed a line-up of three litter mates.  This young bitch is quite breathtaking – so much to like about her.  Her head, which is quite fine, is correct, already showing chiselling and good expression, enhanced by her dark eyes and dark pigment. She has excellent conformation showing correct outline, both stacked and on the move. She is very fit, in great physical shape.   Everything flows from her proudly held head, through to her ringed tail. Her body has just the right amount of heart room, with good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Her loin is short and strong. Prominent hip bones, gently sloping croup, and low set ringed tail to complete the picture.  Great sweep from hip to low set hocks.  Her coat pattern enhances her houndy outline.  Her movement was a joy to watch – whilst showing reach and drive, she practically floated round the ring, with a style of high order, and with her head held proudly.  Great rapport with her handler, and faultlessly presented.  She is still young but already has such a commanding ring presence, and she will get even better as she matures.  I think she will do very well.  BOB.  2. Gosling’s Ayoubkhan Silk Road – handsome 14 month self-masked cream dog, brother to the winner.  This is a real stallion of a young dog, who already has terrific ring presence.  He is powerful, tall and houndy, and  in hard condition. Good conformation means that everything flows, one part into the next.   His head, eye and expression are all correct, with a lovely dark eye, enhanced by dark pigmentation, and chiselling beginning to show.  He epitomises strength throughout his lovely frame.  Prominent hip bones, great sweep of stifle.   Very pleasing outline, both standing and on the move.  He moved with powerful strides. His attitude and presence command attention, and you are very aware that you are in the presence of a strong alpha male.  Another with great presentation.  He is not as mature as his sister, and needs time to fill his frame, but he has plenty of time to continue to develop into the outstanding adult he will surely become.  What a lovely dog.  RBOB.  3. Hirst’s Ayoubkhan Snow Cloud.

Post Graduate: (4, 1)  I was splitting hairs for this class in order  to make my decision  for first place.  Two super hounds with so much to like about each.  It was the commanding ring presence of my first place which won him this class, but it was close.  1. Gosling’s Ayoubkhan Silk Road RBOB   2. Fisher’s Shimalma Campari goes to Ifmaraf – 21-month old beautiful  black masked gold bitch.  This bitch oozes quality and type, and I just loved her.  She has text-book conformation.  Beautiful head, with desired far-seeing eyes and expression; long strong neck into perfect shoulders and return of upper arm.   Perfectly complemented by her quarters, which were not exaggerated in any way – great sweep from hip to low set hocks.  Beautiful coat pattern, with a deep saddle, and coat of finest hair, presented to perfection.  Her movement was effortless, and she flowed round the ring with a style of high order.  Such a close decision.  3. Collins’ Pride and Prejudice Fyrverkeri (Imp Bel).

Open: (0)

Judge: Kerstin Holder (Farakushk)